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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ordon, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. I believe the story goes when they requested to clear the sample from her she wanted to record new parts as well. Imagine if they had just been like "no :)"
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  2. Initially they just wanted a You're So Vain sample but Carly Simon wanted to sing it again and ended up adding a lot of vocals to the point where the song became a duet. I like it, but I wonder what it could be like if it wasn't quite so... wordy.
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  3. Carly's ramblings are iconique. Absolutely nobody cared about that apricot scarf anymore but she couldn't let it go sksksk.

    She genuinely elevates the song, it's completely bonkers.
  4. Carly’s parts are iconic though, it was a crime how they practically erased her from the single version!

    I'm a storm cloud, baby
    You can roll like thunder alllllllllllllll over meeeee

    Who do you think you are, RamBO?
    Or a cumulonimbus capillatus or a cirrus or an altostratus?
    Somebody to make somebody like me proud
    In the encyclopedia of clouds?

    The world needs the uncensored Original Flyte Tyme Remix though.
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    Oh yes of course! Thank you for reminding me!
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  6. Indeed, bonkers bop.
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  7. There isn't a day when I don't think about this part

    Janet and me, thick as thieves
    Never met jet but I'll venture a bet
    There's a common threat to our common dream
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  8. The video mix of the song is superior to all other version
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  9. Carly Simon, noted Legend, demanding to have her Giorno Poetry Systems moment on Son of a Gun and the preceding interlude instead of just a sample is iconic and I will not hear otherwise.

    SEE, Janet and ME
    We have our CLŒUDS
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  10. The fact she even recorded footage for the tour as well. She was all in.

  11. I’ve always loved how Janet’s “You tell em Carly” gives distracted friend who literally has no interest in what the other is saying
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  12. Such a great concert this.
  13. Son Of A Gun is...terrible. Sorry!
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  14. I absolutely love it.

    Stupid bitch. In my beach house.

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  15. Seems there's always one.
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  16. The way this line pops in my head randomly throughout the day multiple times a week. Bless whoever is around to witness me say it to myself with conviction.
  17. I have an instrumental of Son Of A Gun (from my mashup days) which somehow made it's way on to an old mp3 player then to my phone, and the production is so on point. The bassline and that snare are *chef kiss*.
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  18. Son Of A Gun is one of those songs that you just can feel they spent months on.
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  19. This groove is tight as a drum.
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  20. Ace
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