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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ordon, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Very odd, and she was their most defining act they ever worked with too after all.
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  2. Maybe they didn’t finish the Janet song in time? Or saving it for her album?
  3. Miss Janet said 'whoops now I auctioned the song hihihi'.
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  4. Maybe the song was too good and she kept it for her album. Maybe they didn't work together this time at all. Maybe they thought a Janet feature was too predictable.
  5. But did Robyn make the cut?
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  6. I miss new Janet music, I really do.
  7. She could finish Black Diamond all this time and give us a new album / tour when Covid ends
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  8. Yeah I need Unbreakable part 2
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  9. Same, that album was fantastic and up there with her run of 86-01.
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  10. The intro to Together Again always felt a bit Whigfield to me. It's not a very Janet sounding intro. This song, which I'd never heard before, is a blatant Together Again rip-off though!
  11. Track 9 “Do It Yourself” seemingly doesn’t have a credited feature. I wouldn’t put it past Jan & Jimmy & Terry to have Janet on an uncredited vocal. They’ve always liked to play around with surprises like that (Jan’s unfeatured vocals in the Herb Alpert album, Whoops Now and Can’t Be Stopped as surprise tracks, etc). It would really by a shock if she wasn’t on there!
  12. Nevermind. I see now that Usher is on the song. Maybe Vol 2 will be all Janet…..
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  13. Yes please!

  14. crying literal tears at 4:35 am over this
  15. Mr.Arroz

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  16. So, I haven’t followed her in a few months (because doing so can be tiring given her tendency to be a bit flaky) but has there been any news on when Black Diamond is coming? Feel like they announced it years ago and then just nothing.
  17. I think the current speculation is that we'll get music or at least music news when the documentary comes out next year, which would make sense.
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  19. Go Deep video is so cool.
    Love the concept - it showed the approachable side of her, not every star of her level has that attached to them!!
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  20. Imagine not shaking every single limb to The Knowledge whenever it comes on.

    Prejudice? NO.
    Ignorance? NO.
    Bigotry? NO.
    Illiteracy? NO.
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