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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ordon, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. It hope it does for Janet what Framing did for Britney ie expose modern audiences to the horrific injustices perpetrated on an innocent victim because of the casual misogyny (and in Janet's case, racism) that was par for the course in the early 00s. Janet needs to reclaim her place in the popular consciousness and the people who erased her legendary accomplishments overnight need to pay.
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  2. whoops... NOW?
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  3. I’m finding these documentaries (about Tiger, Britney, now Janet)…of interest. Like, one of the biggest culprits in each is the notion of celebrity generally. These people have suffered in large part because they’ve been categorized as celebrities and are thus fair game for our assessment. They are characters for us. To do the same, albeit in a documentary, seems on the scale of hypocritical.
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  4. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    It sounds like Justin will be focused on a lot which fills me with glee, but I'm hoping they start pushing Les Moonves to the front of the story so people know who the actual villain is.

    Also I know it's not going to change considering literally nothing has been done over the past few years, but the fact that there's probably going to be renewed interest in Janet's catalogue because of this and her doc next year and yet her YouTube page is still in complete shambles and a lot of her stuff is blocked regionally on streaming is so infuriating. I wish she had a team like Mariah's.
  5. Yeah her YouTube page is a shocking mess. Some of the missing videos are actually remastered which is even more shocking that they're missing.
  6. The treatment of her 2000s videos are among the worst of her career. Most aren't even on her page / are uploaded by fan accounts. Only All For You, Feedback and Rock With U have official uploads.

    Someone to Call My Lover, Son of a Gun, All Nite, I Want You, Call On Me, So Excited are all fan uploads and most are in terrible quality which is a damn shame considering they are all great to fantastic videos.

    Someone did manage to upload a 4k edit of Just A Little While which is pretty good.
  7. Indeed, needs a good sort out and then some.
  8. Yes Les Moonves is despicable. Did you read what he did to Linda Bloodworth Thompson ? Her article about him was telling.
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  9. Stupid bitch. In my beach house.

    Literally hasn’t left my head all week.
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  10. UK fans, my bestie @Los Ageless is running a Janet night in Manchester in December, hopefully see you guys there!
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  11. Janet’s going Christmas shopping in London on her Instagram story.
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  12. Books the next train.
  13. Reading reviews for NYT’s Malfunction, which debuts tonight in the U.S. has made me angry about what happened all over again. I think I’ll skip it and wait for her version next year. I had hoped that the NYT documentary might do for her what Framing did for Britney, but am beginning to doubt that it’ll happen.
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  14. Well, I am glad I watched it, but it was painful and heartbreaking. More than anything, it lacked Janet’s perspective. I think anyone looking for some sort of ultimate redemption- a turn of the clock back 20 years- is going to be disappointed as I was. Perhaps Janet has been right all along to just move on and press on and keep on keeping on. I am eagerly awaiting her version of her story in the upcoming Lifetime documentary, and any music to follow, but I suspect that (unlike Britney), Janet is probably not going to revisit this chapter of her life to any great length. This whole documentary was like opening up an old photo album… and then putting it back on the shelf. Perhaps we will revisit in another ten or twenty year’s time, but perhaps we will move on and no longer be interested.
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  15. Nothing of note was really revealed, it was a bit like a Twitter thread just set up as a documentary, but I’m glad it put a spotlight on Les Moonves. Honestly, the most notable thing that I saw was that Janet shares a publicist with Justin dd
  16. I may watch this just because I'm sure there's stuff I don't know but I won't bother if it's not well done.
  17. Is there any way to watch this outside the US?
  18. I thought it was a good introduction too, there were certain details I didn't know like N*SYNC opening the Velvet Rope tour.

    The clip of Richard Branson talking about buying islands off her hits rocked me.
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  19. Has this been widely shared yet?

    Justin is so full of shit.
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  20. It's well done, just like the Britney doc. But not anything new for stans, and it feels unresolved because we don't have Janet's perspective to round it out. Hopefully that comes with her own documentary.
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