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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ordon, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. I need a new tour Janet, not to mention new album!
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  2. aksjakasjks I accidentally tagged you for some reason
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  3. It really was a complete misfire. She shouldn't have used her typical arena/Vegas show that is catered to fans for a festival audience. She needed different costumes (you could barely see her against the black backdrop and she looked like she was about to pass out from the heat), different staging, an all banger setlist and way more interaction and spontaneity instead of her typically slick, highly choreographed set. It really did her amazing performance skills a disservice.
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  4. She needs to announce a tour first.
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  5. Imagining this scene...

  6. The way she hates 20 Copies Sold and Discipline is sending me.
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  7. From what she has said, she plays the songs most people want to hear plus her personal deep cut picks. 20 yo and Discipline were not personal and didn’t have huge hits, so it’s no surprise we don’t get many songs from those albums on tour.
  8. And they also resulted from a bad time in her life. Even the cover of Discipline she says is a mess. It's Jermaine Dupri. Bwahahaha!
  9. I don’t like the cover either
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  10. I actually love the Discipline cover for all its oddity glory. I think it’s reflective of the sound of the album too (well the first half anyways!)

    However, I think the photo used for the Luv single cover would have been much better suited for the overall package!
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  11. So this is coming in august (in Japan) EFC31A5E-9055-4A1B-9D12-ECFC88AAD5B9.jpeg
  12. I'm not a huge fan of the cover itself (the hair looks odd) but I love that they went with something more adventurous than Janet smiling.
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  13. I was just coming to mention that. 2 CDs and 1 DVD? Strange. Aren’t singles collections usually box sets with CDs for each single?
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  14. I’m on a major Velvet Rope hype right now! It has literally taken 3 years but I now fully appreciate why it is hailed as her magnum opus.

    The mix of genres she managed to blend on one record while still maintaining a coherent through line, and brilliant pacing is very impressive.

    I have always adored Got Til it’s Gone and Go Deep as huge bops, but tracks like Velvet Rope (which is an epic opener - that string breakdown bridge!), You, My Need, and Can’t Be Stopped have really revealed themselves in the last week.

    Free Xone is just one of the most delightfully funky jams I’ve ever heard.

    The light-and-shade and visceral emotion on What About is fantastic, and Empty is of course a brilliant concept track with the tightest and yet most delicate production.

    The double punch of Rope Burn and Anything has always sent me.

    … and that cover makes me feel compelled to start a vinyl collection.

    An album!
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  15. Spilled! Empty is top 5 Janet as far as I’m concerned.
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  16. Empty is one of my favorite songs of all time, from anyone.
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  17. The Velvet Rope, is truly a timeless record years ahead of it's time too.
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  18. I remember hearing Got ‘Til It’s Gone on the radio fairly often, so it surprised me years later to find out it only got to #36 on the airplay chart. You’d think the lead single from a Janet Jackson album in the ‘90s would have shot up much higher on nothing else but anticipation.

    There’s some alternate universe where the ‘90s are like the ‘10s and The Velvet Rope got held back for a “retooling” while Got ‘Til It’s Gone got written off as a “buzz single.”
  19. This is part of an excellent series the Japanese do - I've got the Wham! and Paul Young sets and they're really well done. Looking forward to seeing what this Janet one has to offer.
  20. Glad it rightfully became a UK top 10 hit. Deserved nothing less.
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