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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ordon, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Do you have a link to those? I'd love to see them.
  2. There's plenty of them - Chaka Khan, A-Ha, Chicago etc and these three...

    Paul Young - Japanese Singles Collection

    Wham! - Japanese Singles Collection

    Cyndi Lauper - Japanese Singles Collection
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  3. Thank you!
  4. Ordered the Janet Japanese singles set yesterday-I assume though the DVD is region free?? That's the bit I am most interested in.
  5. Those Japanese Singles Collections look so amazing, but then they don't use any single/7' mixes?
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  6. Do they not? Didn't know that. Will still get anyway, want the DVD more so.
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  7. Many of the actual 7" mixes of Janet's Control era haven't been issued on CD (as far as I know) so it would be VERY surprising if this Japanese set were to have them.
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  8. Think the closest was the UK edition of Design Of A Decade-but not even that had all I believe.
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  9. Yes, a lot of those were sort of hybrid edits...not the exact 7" but not the album versions either.
  10. At least we got those-other editions didn't I believe.
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  11. One of the things I hold in slight bitterness is Janet's lack of an Immaculate Collection equivalent. And Design Of A Decade isn't it.
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  12. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Why is that? Song choices? Timing? Excecution?
  13. The release was by her old label so it didn't include all the janet. singles basically.
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  14. Even just having the Control and Rhythm Nation singles alone makes for some strong set.
  15. I think at least some of the tracks on the Cyndi Lauper CD were not the 7" edits, if memory serves. But it looks great, with full page replicas of the single covers in the booklet etc. I also seem to remember it sounded great, but I haven´t played it in a while so I´m not 100% sure.

    Waiting for the Janet one to become available on Amazon Japan so I can put in my pre-order.
  16. Did we know about this? Is this a new leak?

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  17. Exactly, the janet. era was massive and to have just one hit from the album shortchanges its impact. I get the reasons why it was that way, but still.

    I'd be curious to see how everyone would organize a single-disc collection that really attempts to sum up the Control era through Runaway/Twenty Foreplay and takes all three albums into account.
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  18. Tough choices would have to be made, I guess.

    7 Control singles
    7 RN1814 singles
    um, quite a few janet. singles
    plus the two new 1995 tracks.

    At least 6 or 7 would have to be omitted.
  19. Design of a Decade was frustrating. I loved the art direction and the new songs but the lack of janet. was weird, although it was some contractual thing. As great as Control and Rhythm Nation 1814 are, it just felt like the hits from both albums clumped together with a janet. smash and the new songs.

    At least the International Edition featured some unique attractions, as well as the bonus disc edition.
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  20. If I were to do a Re-Design Of A Decade, I'd probably do something like the following:

    01. Runaway
    02. What Have You Done For Me Lately
    03. Nasty
    04. When I Think Of You
    05. Control
    06. Let's Wait Awhile
    07. Miss You Much
    08. Rhythm Nation
    09. Escapade
    10. Come Back To Me
    11. Black Cat
    12. Love Will Never Do (Without You)
    13. That's The Way Love Goes
    14. If
    15. Again
    16. Any Time, Any Place
    17. Because Of Love
    18. Twenty Foreplay

    I left off a significant hit single (at least in the U.S. anyway) from each of the three albums, because they generally were the "lesser" hit and if people want them, they can act as incentive to buy the respective studio album. Five singles from Control, six from Rhythm Nation, five from janet., and the two new songs bookending the experience. I just grabbed all the songs - some with necessary 7" edits - and they add up to 78 minutes.
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