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Janet Jackson - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ordon, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. I just found this incredible remix of "Together Again", produced by the great DJ Premier. I don't remember hearing it before. It really reinvents the song:

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  2. The 90’s were a golden period for remixes, and Janet has some of the best, particularly from The Velvet Rope. All of them are well worth seeking out if you’ve never heard them.
  3. You'll love this then

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  4. I think I've said this before in this thread, but what I wouldn't give for a big, comprehensive #MC30 style campaign for The Velvet Rope and Design of a Decade. So many of those remixes were promo only, vinyl only, region limited or some combination thereof.
  5. FINALLY someone uploaded the uncensored version onto YouTube!

    Still upset it’s only available on some random promo. Prayer circle that (somehow) it’s the version they put on the Japanese Singles Collection!
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  6. Wouldn't it be time for a Janet discography rate?
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  7. 2.​



    Are we looking for a better way of life?​

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  8. She truly has so many classics to chose from, a discography few could rival.
  9. I would love a Janet rate. But that would be a lot of work to take on. I'm not sure what would win, though. I know what my #1 would be but not even sure where it would land in Janet Rateland.
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  10. God ‘Let Me Know’ is such a bop. As soon as that robot bish says ‘Hello lover’?

    I need her to get on getting her rarities and singles up on streaming if she’s going to continue to refuse to release new music. I have no idea where to even find that stuff anymore and she has so many bops spread out over her singles/regional editions. Make it happen, Queen!
  11. I haven't done a rate in so long but I'd be hard pressed to pass up a Janet discography.
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  12. It's mad to think it's been almost 9 months since the documentary was aired and alas still no new music. No it was not exactly promised with it, but still a shame.
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  13. If you think it’s more than two years after the “I was on my way to the studio to finish the album” before crashing The View..
  14. That really does feel like a lifetime ago now!
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  15. She doesn't even have her videos unblocked on Youtube and we expect her to put rarities on streaming? I love her but her unbothered attitude towards her own career is exhausting. You'd think she'd take a page out of Madonna and Mariah's book and treat her own legacy with a bit more care. But then again, she did sell off her most iconic outfits and memorabilia off at a yard sale. Beyonce keeps her stuff at a climate controlled warehouse.
  16. Can she stop surprising fans who think she's a statue / TV shows and surprise drop anything?
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  17. I definitely agree. I’d hoped around Unbreakable she’d have gotten everything sorted, or even around the documentary would have been a good time to showcase her legacy. I wonder why she has such an indifferent attitude towards her catalog? I never thought Madonna would actually take much care of hers but, as you said, she’s been very active with it recently. So what’s different with Janet I wonder?
  18. What about is she simply doesn't care ? She has an amazing discography, her albums scream to be reissued with remixes, bsides and rarities, fans are craving for them, I don't think she's unaware about it. Is it maybe her label fault ? Is it her fault ? She's not much active on social media, don't know if she has a social media manager, but anniversaries pass by and I don't remember a #Control36 or a #Janet29 (maybe a #TheVelvetRope25 is coming in October! Go Janet!) or #BlackCat32, just an hashtag on a IG post or a twitter post ! The artist I follow usually do it, cos they are proud of their releases and to please fans, too. I'm not asking for a #MC30 type of things ! Just an hashtag and a snippet of a video or "32 years and still so black and roaring" don't know.
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  19. She wants $$
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  20. My money are ready to go as soon as the reissues are announced !!! I don't think I'm the only one ready to pay for them ! Get my money, queen !
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