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Janet Jackson - Metamorphosis (Las Vegas Residency)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Tour diapers cancelled?!?
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  2. Sounds like he's trying to convince her to wear something else, but she's resisting, so probably not.
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  3. Artists as lazy as Janet, remind me to be so very grateful for the Kylie's of the world who refresh everything from scratch with each project.
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  4. For someone as talented as Janet and with a album as good as unbreakable it's laughable that she would put out such a basic setlist and stage show
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  5. It is odd. Yes, she's had a baby and been going through a divorce, but it'll be horribly embarrassing if she appears on stage and does the exact same show with similar outfits after such a long break. Especially since they changed the name of the tour. Why bother?

    She's always been lazy with live shows. Lipsyncing more with each tour, and essentially putting on the same show each time (control medleys, mad hatter tea parties, sexual harassment of an audience member, etcetera.) The Hits Tour was different, and more fun because it was low budget, and Unbreakable had its moments but she's yet to do a concert that is befitting of her music and legacy. Ironically the Rock Witchu Tour looked the most impressive, when she was at her lowest creative ebb. Obviously I've only seen YouTube clips though, because she cancelled.
  6. I agree the rock witchu tour is the tour when she seemed to really change things up . Velvet rope tour is the one for me that things really worked . I think maybe she doesn't have it in her to drastically change things up a . To me having a tour called state of the world is the perfect name to make a real statement on things and the amount of time her creative director etc exaggerated about her putting into this tour, but I'm guessing it's just not ment to be. I'm not holding out any hope seeing the tour myself after the cancellation last time I think the European tour would have been a financial disaster
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  7. Wasn't there a story about some Netflix series, which will follow the 'European and Asian legs of her world tour'? Was that total crap?

    I doubt she'll bother bringing it to Europe. It 'sold' so appallingly last time. Tickets were available near the front for most shows other than maybe London, right up until the very day she literally had to decide to have a baby to get herself out of it. It was such a strange decision to announce a full scale arena tour in the UK, where she hasn't played more than a few theatre shows since Velvet Rope. There was no buzz for her comeback and Unbreakable didn't sell. She had to cancel the All For You Tour because of poor ticket sales (although officially she tried to blame it on 9/11. Apparently it was too dangerous to fly to Europe, but fine to carry on everywhere else?! That excuse would work now though, since we're essentially in the middle of a Jihadist insurgency) and she was still relatively successful here then, albeit very much at the end of her imperial stage.

    Saying that, she could do a European tour, in smaller, 5,000 - 10,000 capacity arenas max. Just one UK date at Wembley arena in London, and then just do single dates across the rest of Europe.

    I agree Velvet Rope worked out, but it was still just a build on the .janet and RN Tours. Not that I knew back then anyway so I loved every minute of it. I got to see her at the Royal Albert Hall for the Hits tour too, which was unbelievable. Not because of the production, all of that was very lo-fi but because she seemed to be loving it, was full of energy and the smaller venue full of real fans made it special.

    I did get tickets to Unbreakable, and I loved the album, but when she cancelled I wasn't that bothered. The show didn't look great and I'd prefer to have two get memories of seeing her live. Plus, there's something about the era that makes me uncomfortable. She was very obviously unhappy. I always found her husband, her dramatic change of image and lack of media interviews a bit of a worry. Kinda taints my enjoyment of Unbreakable. I really hope she's inspired again and gets back to work on a new album of the same quality but hopefully from a happier, freer place.
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  8. The Fuck Rock Witchu Tour looked interesting and had a decent staging. But she cancelled that too, so...

    It saddens me that we'll never see her in a big production like those that Madonna, Beyoncé or even Kylie and Rihanna had.
    She didn't build her brand when she still had the opportunity and now it's just too late.
    Honestly, I'm surprised that people are still buying tickets for these re-scheduled shows (aren't they?).
  9. I just had a look at her site, and obviously this will have been posted in this thread and discussed, but: 'The Unbreakable tour and will include fan favorites from her chart-topping ‘Unbreakable’ album, an array of her socially conscious music she’s released throughout her career, and other smash hits and soon-to-be released new tracks with a state of the art live production!'

    Soon to be released new tracks? So there must be some changes?
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  10. Well i would assume is playing state of tbe world too. That wasnt on the last setlist?
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  11. Yep I must admit I was there the first night at the Albert hall and you could feel the love in the air and she seemed genuinely taken back . I would say do a night at the Apollo and maybe Manchester would suffice.i think after the success of the London shows for the hits tour they got ahead of themselves. I agree about everything going on around the album was a very odd period . I still want to know where the third video they shot as three videos were shot for the campaign no sleep , damm baby and I think it was either the great forever or should of known better .
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  12. State of the art tenor-7.gif
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  13. The European arena announcement was a) greedy b) short-sighted and c) both. The promoters should have known what kind of profile she had over here and that she wasn't an arena seller. There would be so much more buzz around her doing 'intimate' shows where she could comfortably sell tickets.

    She could easily sell out a couple of nights at Hammersmith Apollo and Manchester Apollo, and equivalent size venues in a few major European cities, but I don't know if they'll even bother now given the sales last time. It's such a shame.
  14. Ray


    That's the state of the art today!

    I need her to perform half of Rhythm Nation and follow that by "Moist", "Curtains" and "Candy Shop" "Any time, any place". I also need someone to record that in HQ because there is no way she is coming to Amsterdam anymore.
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  15. We lament the loss of her status as a legend, but in all honesty, she has barely been trying anything for the last 15 years. Unbreakable was excellent, but it was naive to presume her career would be magically relaunched just by silently plonking it on iTunes with an extremely ugly cover. Between all these other half-hearted albums and unfinished tours, I'm impressed with those that remain so loyal to her.
  16. We only have half the setlist up to "That's The Way Love Goes", which is only about half the show. She did the socially concious songs (Rhythm Nation, Shoulda Known Better) at the end of the show last time, so I imagine it'll be the same this time around. She might even drop "Unbreakable" and close with "State of the World" instead.

    It's interesting seeing people still use Wissam as an excuse for her image change when they've now split up and she's still walking around covered up and having her producers and choreographers doing interviews for her and releasing information via Entertainment Tonight. Doesn't sound or look like anything has changed from a couple years ago.
  17. Is "State of the world" a song?
  18. Yes, it's from the Rhythm Nation album. It was the last single she released from the album.

    I've got tickets to see her win NYC in November. Anybody else in here going to that show by any chance?
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  19. Oh nice to know. I only became a fan of Janet around 2001 so never bothered to listen to her older albums besides "The velvet rope".
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    Don't be. She's changed some our lives.. LUTFA
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