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Janet Jackson - Metamorphosis (Las Vegas Residency)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jun 15, 2015.

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    Do Vegas ticket prices get reduced like any other tour? They're actually decently priced already, but there are literally hundreds of tickets left for the shows in August. I think I'm gonna try to go to one, but I'm assuming they're gonna have to reduce the prices eventually to even attempt to sell out, right?
  2. Vegas shows don’t necessarily sell out right away, usually there’s hundreds of tickets available up until an hour before the show, sometimes even as the show is starting. They’re designed that way for tourists and non-fans who decide on these things last minute. So far, all her shows have ended up sold out on the day of.
  3. Yeah I decided to see Cher at about 8:05. I asked the box office attendant if she'd already be on stage.

    "No. She's a diva. She goes on at 8:40."

    The groaning crowd did not get that memo.
  4. It reminds me of
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  5. I'm fully obsessed with the Rhythm Nation section at the end of the show. My love for Escapade as one of my fave Janet songs grows stronger each day.
  6. Saw it on Wednesday. Great set list (minus Moist) but felt rushed and they used the screen too much.
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  7. @Sexbox found dessicated.
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  8. This was my only negative point. Some songs could do with being fully fleshed out and performed. But we all know Janet loves a medley (or 6.)
  9. Let Moist aloneee
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  10. Same, it's just seriously so good.
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  11. Okay but the pro-footage is amazing

    Release it mom

  12. Yes! I hope she does release it.
  13. She added “So Excited” to the show!

  14. What a great setlist tho I wish there was Someone to Call My Lover. Even a Someone to Call My Lover + I Want You medley/mashup would be amazing. I Want You is like one of my favourite Janet songs ever.
  15. I imagine this will be quite fun at whichever show she remembers she's on stage and is meant to be moving.
  16. So Excited is JJ Top 10 for me, whew.
  17. At least there’s no blow up set for the whimsical medley.

    I really would love a mash up of Free Xone and Throb.

    A Velvet Rope interlude would be great, too... if she continues to do residencies.
  18. So I went to the show on Wednesday and let me just say... I ascended. It was probably the best show I've ever been to, but it's also so incomparable to any other show I've been to because... I mean, it's Janet. She's just the best. And whew, it was a SHOW. It was really hard to avoid watching videos from the show all this time to not spoil any surprises, but I'm so glad I did. Everything from the choreography to the setlist were astoundingly on point and I was gagging the entire night. In summary, I will continue to stan Janet Jackson for life.
  19. Did anyone get the reissue of her vinyls? Some saying the Europe version sound better than the US reissue. Can anyone confirm that? However, I personally don’t believe that.
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  20. I don't know about this difference but I have the EU pressing and the sound is absolutely fantastic.
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