Janet Jackson - Together Again Tour (Summer 2024 Leg)

I've been meaning to start this up since Jimmy mentioned they'd be recording new material to hopefully be performed on the State of the World Tour, which the press release confirmed as well. It's starting to sound like things are finally happening, though, so here it is.

According to Janet's new A&R, she's been working on the follow up to Unbreakable since earlier this year. He recently confirmed on his Instagram that Janet had hired him for her project, and to help properly launch the Rhythm Nation label.

Today, he posted that he was listening to the new material, along with the fire emoji.

There also seems to be a documentary of some sort in the works, as several fans at the shows have been interviewed for it and signed release forms. Unbreakable ranks alongside her best work, and she's on fire on the new tour, so I'm extremely excited to see where she's taking us next.

Let's keep the conversation going...

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It's funny how it feels so soon since Unbreakable in some ways with the way the era has been so extended, when actually if something comes in 2018 it'll be about 2.5/3 years since it came out.

What an iconic comeback