Janet Jackson - Together Again Tour (Summer 2024 Leg)

Same story really, but I think she knows she needs to deliver SOMETHING!

Seems there were maybe issues with Cinq who she was signed with I think during Made For Now that she had to get past. I’m remembering an article about the rights to her music being sold as equity or something?

Anywho’s, hope we get more info on Fallon! The feeling is beyond desperation at this point for new music from my fav.
She said there were some issues that needed addressing so I hope the issues with Cinq have been dealt with (Randy!).

I am very cautiously optimistic we will get something new... eventually.
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Admittedly I do think this clip is pretty funny because of Drew's shock, but this is literally the third cycle of the "Janet surprises the audience" thing. Why is it so hard to just... book her in for an interview.

She also said on Fallon that it's a global tour and "we're going everywhere", and there is "definitely" new music this time... and part of me thinks it'd be pretty brazen to just outright lie like that, but this is also the same woman who announced a new album four years ago that has yet to see the light of day, so!