Janet Jackson - Together Again Tour (Summer 2024 Leg)

Block B at the London O2, I’m over the moon. I thought it would be cheaper considering the lack of demand but I’m just thrilled to be seeing her.
Anyways second row in block C secured. That was painful but worth it!! Blasting Rhythm Nation to celebrate x
I also got Block C/Row 2 - I am So Excited featuring Khia!

I was attempting to get 3 seats together, but I wasn't getting particularly good results. In the end I split it into two orders: 2 seats together in Row 4 for my friends (who are a couple), and I'll be by myself in Row 2. Which I'm a bit nervous about, but... it's second row! They're extremely pleased with what I got, so all is well. (I know none of you required these details dd)
I’m never really sure how these pre-sales work but I’m getting the impression she’s shifting a decent amount of seats. On average roughly 50% of seats no longer seem to be available which doesn’t strike me as shabby for someone with her reputation.
My mum: “I’d love to go see Janet Jackson! Control was the album I had in my first car. I know every song from it. She’s incredible!”

Me: I buy tickets, go over to hers for dinner, tell her and put on All For You.

My mum: “I don’t know this one. Is it a new song?”

2 tickets for sale for Glasgow.