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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Ordon, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Janet has just signed with the Island Def Jam label after leaving (or being made to leave - who knows!) Virgin records a couple of days ago.

    Recording for the new album begins later on this year with Antonio “LAâ€￾ Reid on production.
  2. We can only hope and pray she starts making decent records again, Janet''s decline has been so sad considering how great she was. I expect a ''emancipation of Mimi'' type comeback. A complete Greatest hits would be nice as well, covering all 20 years.
  3. Ray


    LA Reid as the producer does not give me much hope. I''d like her to do a Confessions or Ray of Light instead of Boob-job Of Mimi album, but that''s obviously never going to happen.

  4. So do I want a confessions style comeback, I don''t want it to sound like Mariah (heaven forbid) but I want a super successful comeback a la ''mimi'' with loads of dance stompers, something like ''Throb'' would be fab
  5. Bad move - it''s going to be rent-a-rapper central without a whiff of creativity.
  6. She had reached the end of her contract, so she was free to leave in any case, although since her last two albums have underperformed badly I''''m sure Virgin didn''''t exactly beg her to stay.

    It''''d be nice to think of this as a new beginning, both creatively and commercially. Madonna''''s recent successes have proved that being on the wrong side of 40 isn''''t necessarily a problem in itself, so hopefully Janet can emulate her. I''''d like another Velvet Rope-style album - taking risks and pushing the boundaries musically, but still with plenty to dance to. No rent-a-rappers and no happy-smiley rubbish like Call On Me or Someone To Call My Lover, thanks.
  7. Is it just me, or would an Amerie style album really really suit her?
  8. They didn''t make her leave, the contract with Virgin was finished, 4 albums and a greatest hits (still to come., I guess).

    But, anyway, I''m not gonna get excited about this new project since all the producers on board are Hip Hip producers, so, it''s the same boring shit! Plus, Jermaine Dupri is co-producer with Antio LA Reid, and that''s not a good thing. I blame JD for everything that goes wrong with her music career.

    Also, there''s no news about Jimmy & Terry on this project. :(

    They basiclly want to do it MIMI style!

  9. Def Jam used to be good but it''s shite now. What they''ve done with Lady Sovereign horrified me, seriously, pray for Janet. She needs it now.
  10. Rihanna is signed to Def Jam, is she not? As far as I''m aware, they put plenty of money behind the Lady Sovereign project. So it may not be entirely due to the record label that she''s flopped, but rather for simpler reasons like the fact that she isn''t very good. Just saying...

    I''m not convinced by JD being in charge of the project though. That was the case with 20 Y.O. which, while a decent enough album in and of itself, is Janet by numbers. Not once does she step out of her comfort zone and try anything new - even on Damita Jo she did that.
  11. she needs to do a scandi-pop make over to be loved in Europe again, her voice would suit it.

    Obviously if signed with Def Jam, she''ll go for another R&B by numbers hideous album for the U.S. She''''s so clueless.

    She needs to get rid of that troll she calls her boyriend / producer and stop stuffing her face with smoothies and junk food. I think Janet''s creative mojo has long gone, and she just wants to have a lazy L.A. celebrity life, driving in a convertible in West Hollywood all day, eating at drive ins, shopping at the Beverly mall, etc

    Janet was recently snubbed by Madonna at a N.Y. party, that should have hit the reality home, she needs to move big momma''s ass, or just say goodbye to the pop industry alltogether.
  12. tommie

    tommie Guest

    I doubt Janet will ever make a comeback, but I''d for her to prove me wrong.
  13. Sounds fantastic - I love Janet, but what happened? Madonna''s brush off to Kelly Clarkson''s "I want your thighs" was excellent, too.
  14. Ooooh. Did you just make a disparaging comment at Lady Sov? Time for a fight! You know Sovereign is good. And she can rap at least.

    I don''''''''t blame Def Jam for her not doing brilliantly (though she did get to release an album in America at least even if that''''''''s not as wonderful as having an album cancelled in the UK and getting an Italy only release) and it''''''''s not like she didn''''''''t sell records, she did. It''''''''s just she didn''''''''t sell the amount they wanted - that female Eminem shit they expected. They do not get The Lady. Def Jam had ideas for her (that she went along with I suppose) that I wouldn''''''''t really like her participating in. It''''''''s purely selfish reasons that I hate Def Jam. Those Were The Days. I hate that song with a passion and there is no way in hell Lady Sovereign would have done that on Vertically Challenged which sold loads in the US. Plus Public Warning was a brilliant album for a massive talent that doesn''''''''t need to get her tits out to prove anything.

    Janet is a spent force and Def Jam will force her into yet more banal pop that she''''''''s become well known for.
  15. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    Rihanna is signed to Rocafella Records under Jay-Z, which may be a division of Island Def Jam, I do not know.

    It''s sad what has happened to Janet, if given the right material, she could still be massive. But ever since that rotten boyfriend entered the picture, she''s barely stood a chance. She needs a "Maneater".
  16. tommie

    tommie Guest

    I just pray that we won''t get any songs about the state of her vagina.
  17. Ray


    Oh yes. It''s just that judging by her lyrical output in the last few years someboy might be right -- what we are getting is an album about her vagina and dildo collection. She went from "Let''s wait awhile" to "Someday is tonight" to "Any time, any place" to "give it to me long and hard boys, oooh fuck me hard and let''s tape it and publish the audio as my new album". Sigh. Damita Jo is her Erotica, only without anything half as good as Rain and Words. And 20YO is her... well I wouldn''t know. I didn''t buy it. I downloaded it, played about 6 tracks and couldn''t stomach any more. Maybe it''s her Greatest Hits of Kelly Family.
  18. That''s the first time I''ve heard "comfort zone" used outside of The X Factor.


  19. The Way Of My Vajayjay would be a good title.
  20. Ray


    I am now listening to All For You and it''s not that bad. It''s just that if this album never came out nobody would notice. I played Damita Jo before and if this never came out it would have been noticed, as the world without Damita Jo would have been a bit better...
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