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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Ordon, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. I hope they add the “I Get Lonely” maxi soon!

    “Because of Love” is glorious!!
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  2. Oh interesting I didn't realise the singles for If & That's The Way Love Goes hadn't been available in other territories previously because we had them 2 for years in UK. However it shows they are actively looking to make her music more widely available so hopefully that means they will expand them with further mixes too following 'Because Of Love'
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  3. I wish they’d upload janet remixed.
  4. We really are lucky here in UK then because that has been up for years as well as Control remixed
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  5. Not sure why they left off all the mixes, but it looks like they strategically didn’t include the ones featured on janet. remixed which include the house mixes of That’s the Way Love Goes and If, plus the awesome CJ mix of Any Time, Any Place and Morales mix of Throb. Which is why we definitely just need the remix album to be available everywhere.
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  6. The digital releases for That's The Way Love Goes, If, and Any Time, Any Place have been some weird mash between various editions of the physical singles. I imagine now that the ball has started rolling for janet.-era singles they'll add the rest altogether soon.

    I'm curious if the R. Kelly mix of Any Time will get conveniently left off of either the digital single or janet. remixed; as reprehensible as I find him, the production unfortunately doesn't suck and it seems to have been somewhat popular among the fanbase at some point - and he's not present on it vocally at all, so maybe they won't bother removing it. But I'd really rather he not get the royalties from it either
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  7. I was gonna say it’s already on Number Ones, but I’m checking now and that doesn’t seem to be available anymore. The remix is good, but has never been my favorite (I think it was the version radio favored from my understanding). So I would totally respect it if they did a reissue without it.
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  8. I look forward to having the janet. and The Velvet Rope b-sides available on streaming, if the Rhythm Nation maxi single releases are anything to go by.

  9. It isn't strategic, if that album is missing, the included tracks are automatically missing as well.
  10. I just meant that it looked like when they compiled the remix EPs, they opted to leave off the mixes that were on the janet. remixed album for some reason. If they went by the original maxi singles, those mixes would've also been on the EPs.
  11. Yes, but they can't be there for legal reasons that tie up the remix album too, hee.
  12. Hi guys - needed to share something incredible I found while combing through the Together Again stems. Enjoy!
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  13. "No I didn't pass gas" has coochie swell SHAKING.
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  14. She launches right into singing right after too. An icon!
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  15. LPT


    Oh my God you guys, I do these stupid videos for my insta story and Janet saw one of them and re posted it on her story. Please dont ruin it and tell me it was her team- let me live my whimsical escapade fantasy. My life has truly peaked. Also, kindly refrain from judging me on the hashtags !
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  16. Last year I introduced a friend to the discographies of Madonna and Mariah Carey. We went album by album (including extra songs on soundtracks/compilations/etc.) and I gave him the tea on the making of the albums, what they were going through in their lives, etc. He really loved it (he said the Madonna journey in particular was one of his favorite 2019 moments), and we're going to start with Janet next week.

    I'm so ready for him to experience to eruption that is Control.
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  17. watching this and it’s incredible.

    Did we know that Janet covered Sylvia’s Pillow Talk??
  18. Janet has mentioned it. Did he play it? I got caught up with something else.

    He’s playing a cover Janet did of “Got to Be a Lover” now

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  19. Here’s part of her cover of “Pillow Talk” that she recorded for Janet.

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