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Janet Jackson

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Ordon, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. exscapism!
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  2. Sexcapism
    If you listen, we'll be drippin'
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  3. All For You never clicked with me as an album. I wouldn’t even say the song was one of my favourites.
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  4. Shocking.
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  5. Janet:

    You're dismissed


  6. Speaking of “All For You”

    This works so well.
  7. That mash-up is incredible. Wow.
  8. I assume Made in London credited [or sampled] this song right?
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  9. Blimey.
  10. I mean it's similar but doesn't really borrow a melody or anything. It's just a big inspiration. Of course if the song went on to become a Wannabe or a Never Ever maybe Janet would ask for some coin.
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  11. Wait a minute that mash-up is so good.
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  12. I really like the song - Dream Street.
  13. Yes, it’s not a complete copy but it is reminiscent. I wouldn’t rate it’s chances in court. Janet, Jam and Lewis could win.
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  14. Been listening to a lot of Janet for inspiration to finish my album (I also do atmospheric R&B). Unbreakable is such a good album. I think it's very slightly bloated, but the highs are excellent. I especially love the title track and Well Traveled. She's serving some very interesting vocals in The Great Forever. The only tack I dislike is Gon B' Alright. It just doesn't fit the sonic palette whatsoever and sounds a bit too cheesy.
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  15. A better timeline!
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  16. The Son of a Gun video, is one of my favourite Janet videos.
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  17. I revisited The Velvet Rope and of course it has some of her best material on it (the title track is divine) and at times it gives me Erotica vibes, but I find the tone to be a bit inconsistent. "Special" and "Every Time" don't fit at all; they sound like cheesy Michael Jackson songs (I do like the latter despite that) whereas most the rest of the album is vibey and gritty. I think "Together Again" also doesn't fit, but that's a 10/10 pop song so it kind of had to be included.

    On another note, "What About" is absolute FIRE. The transition from those soft bits where the abusive man is trying to romance Janet to the angry accusations of the chorus. The song is a masterclass in contrast and the chorus gets me so pumped. One of my favorite Janet songs.
  18. Her videography from janet. to Damita Jo.....yeah, not even Madonna is rivaling that.
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  19. I am listening to 'Janet.' for the first time and... I am blown away? It's such a blueprint for every pop/rnb song that I grew up listening to and I just never knew the lineage until now. I've never been a die hard fan but have always enjoyed her music but this album is so cohesive and while of it's time still sounds fresh?

    I'm just a bit thrown by what a game changer this must have been at the time?
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