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Janet Jackson

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Ordon, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Gotta pick just one: Rhythm Nation or janet?

    Tough, eh? Even I'd have to think about it for (let's wait) a while...
  2. I love the production so much on the title track of Unbreakable.
  3. I’d go with janet., but I’d cheat and stick “Love Will Never Do (Without You)” on it as a bonus track a la “Radar.”
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  4. janet. is hands down her masterpiece to me. Rhythm Nation and Velvet Rope are insanely brilliant, but janet. is in my eyes a perfect record.
  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Having a trilogy like Rhythm Nation, Janet and Velvet Rope is complete legendaric behaviour.
  6. I love Rhythm Nation, but I've only ever really listened to the singles from the album. Sorry.
    Whereas janet. is perfect all the way through.

    Love Will Never Do (Without You) remains in my top 3 Janet songs though.
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  7. Choosing between that run of albums between 86-01, is just TOO hard. All perfect in their own ways.
  8. janet.

    You forgot Control.
  9. This might seem like a weird obscure pick, but I think "What About" might be my favorite Janet song. The use of contrast is so cool and it's so fierce. She sounds so pissed off and it gets me hyped.
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  10. I would probably choose janet. as my favourite, although if I am honest, I don't love the last third of it.

    But the Control to Velvet Rope run is so strong that it really feels like splitting hairs to choose a favourite.
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  11. I couldn't pick one.
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  12. My goodness - The Body That Loves You and Anytime, Anyplace are two of my all time favourites…

    I’d take Janet for sentimental reasons but that, Rhythm Nation and Control are all indispensable.

    Velvet Rope is great but I actively dislike a couple of tracks so it loses points…
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    1. The Velvet Rope
    2. janet.
    3. Rhythm Nation
    4. Control
    5. All For You
    6. Unbreakable
    7. Damita Jo
    8. 20 Y.O.
    9. Discipline
    10. Dream Street
    11. Janet Jackson
    In truth I consider a lot of her albums, particularly her best work, to be pretty evenly-matched across the board, but if I had to rank them all I think this is how I'd do it.
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  13. Damita Jo
    The Velvet Rope
    All For You
    Rhythm Nation

    20 Y.O
    Janet Jackson
    Dream Street

    I truly adore all of them.
  14. Rhythm Nation will always be my absolute favorite (the record that contains Love Will Never Do, Miss You Much and Escapade would always have to be) but her entire Control - Damita Jo run is flawless.
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  15. janet.
    Rhythm Nation
    The Velvet Rope
    All for You
    20 Y.O.
    Damita Jo
    Dream Street
    Janet Jackson
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  16. All For You (single) went from having almost 90 million streams on Spotify to having 66,660,698. Time to raise hell, little Janetors!!!!
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  17. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    They've divided the streams between the album version and the video mix (~22 million streams), which makes no sense because they had just combined them only a few months ago.

    We continue to suffer

  18. The digital sabotage of her catalogue should be studied. It's outrageous at this point.
  19. Her whole career is one big sabotage for years.
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