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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Ordon, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Qualty Control is a literal perfect 10.
  2. 2014

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    Control would easily be a regular popstar's best album, but Janet is a megastar and managed to beat it 3 times over.
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  3. My fave Control memory is a girl I knew from school buying it with *onlyfans of the 80s* money. A queen.
  4. Control lead me towards the illustrations of Tony Viramontes, for which I'm very grateful.
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  5. It's one 10 following another. Effortless album.
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  6. Control was recorded less than a mile from my house xx
  7. I struggle with whether janet. or The Velvet Rope is my favourite - I can listen to the former without any skips whereas I don't care for some songs on the latter, but my connection to it deepens every year. I borrowed it from my friend in 2004 and bought it a year or 2 later but I don't think I was able to wrap my head around it until a few years ago
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  8. Tea but why are we leaving Control, the combination young pop gal declaration/emerging-genre-defining masterwork out of the conversation here? Many of our faves would look different in its absence.
  9. Just came across a remix of a Finnish song from 2010 that has a really fun Janet sample (it's practically an All Nite (Don't Stop) remix).

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  10. I don't think that run of albums from Control to All For You, has ever been bettered by any other artist in my view.
  11. Agreed. I don't tend to include All For You because it's simply very good rather than a game-changer like the other four, but it would be imperial phase stuff for virtually anyone else.
  12. Yes, All For You is more like an 8/10 as opposed to an 10, but the highs on there are more than worth it for it's inclusion in that list.
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  13. Not me only learning today that the video version is even available to stream. Let me go play both!
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  14. You know what annoys the shit out of me?

    The music critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine of All Music slammed "Damita Jo" for being the audio form of pornography (calling it embarrasing) but said no such thing about Prince's "Come," which is literally one of the most pornographic albums of all time, even featuring a track that is an actual orgasm. I mean, he gave it a low score, but not one mention of pornography.

    Male music critics are sexist as fuck basically. We all knew that, but it still irks me.
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  15. What's wrong with pornography, aural or otherwise?
  16. I mean, that industry, as is stands is kind of horrifying, but no, there's nothing inherently wrong with it. The prudishness in a lot of music criticism is straight up weird. But it only seems to apply to women. SMH.
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  17. Yeah I was referring more to erotica than the actual porn industry and my point was that all these ancient critics recoil at a woman being frankly sexual but Mick Jagger singing about it is classic rock. So prudish and hypocritical.
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  18. Erlewine was also the person that made the ever so hilarious and not at all condescending decision to classify Katy's Witness as "Teen Pop" in his review in 2017 so clearly not much has changed with him. He was pretty complimentary about Madame X at least
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  19. Does girlfriend realize that 20 Y.O. will itself be 20 Y.O. in just 4 years and in the time since she's only released Discipline (sia-glowering.gif) and Unbreakable (sia-pleased.gif)? Im sure someone somewhere is happy about these shows she's about to do but ma'am...
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