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Janet Jackson

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Ordon, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Just popping in to say that no other artist in the history of popular music has a better 4 album run than Control - velvet rope. It’s definitely splitting hairs but if I had to choose:

    Rhythm Nation
    Velvet Rope
    All For You
    20 YO
    Damita Jo
    Thou who shall not be named
  2. Those of you who are ranking 20 Y.O. higher than Damita Jo... jail.
  3. An album can not begin with an interlude, Janft.

    (I'm playing Damita Jo. Pretty sure it's my first time.)
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  4. Wait...
  5. Wait oh my god I had been drinking. I'm screaming. Sorry Robyn please forgive.

    I blame Katy Perry ddd. I was watching the dinner from her Witness live stream where Sia showed up and my brain was fried from the conversation they were all having.
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  6. Janet was simulating giving a bj on one track and singing about female ejaculation on another, calling her nipples strawberries, and more. The album just wasn’t very good and the whole sex thing at that point was getting gimmicky. I mean we just got off the previous album which features two minutes of her moaning and then screaming that she didn’t get to come. Prince was a lot more experimental. He got a ton of flack for the sexuality that played out in his songs. Parents banned their kids from listening to him. He had the morality police after him. However, those same critics that gave him flack over his lyrics still had to give him credit when it came to production. Damita Jo doesn’t have production that is mind-blowing or revolutionary. It isn’t even something that she hadn’t done before. All you’re left with are rehashes and gimmicks. The Velvet Rope was very sexual but not blatantly so. She titillated, not simulated, and there were double entendres. There was a sensuality to it all. After that, there was less artistry going on and straight up porn. The criticism is valid.
  7. Are any posters going to the show in Kentucky tonight?
    Looks like she's in bright orange about to go on.
  8. Anyway, Damita Jo remains great and haters remain pressed and sexless.
  9. I love this album!
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  10. Wish I was there but I live in the wrong continent. The few YouTube clips I saw of the concert loom good.
  11. Damita Jo>All for You

    Have a blessed Sunday.
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  12. I agree. Damita Jo is a much more interesting and listenable album.

    Don’t like the baby making songs though.
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  13. I never liked Warmth or Moist either. When it comes to baby-making Janet, it's all about the late album janet. combo of The Body That Loves You and Any Time, Any Place - a hundred times sexier without trying anywhere near as hard.

    I do enjoy Would You Mind for its sheer audacity, though.
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  14. Honestly, I don't really use them either but I appreciate Janet for making a song about her moist kitty and another where she literally imitates blowjob sounds. They are so over the top that they border on the absurd and I have to applaud that.

    In other news, apparently Janet played a show last night and it was amazing? Announce the album and tour mother, it's time.

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  15. I love Janet, but yes, please at least give us this album now already...
  16. 3Xs


    Damita Jo really is a great album just missing a killer lead single, and All for You is only missing a few more killer album tracks. Combine the two and it rivals Loose as the ultimate something fun, something for the summertime album of the 2000s.

  17. Looking at last night show's setlist... smash smash smash.
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  18. Even if the criticism was valid, it's the double standard that's the problem. Also, absolutely no critics thought "Come" had revolutionary or mind-blowing production. The album is frequently panned.
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  19. I just CANNOT with her.

    Absolutely flawless. A masterclass in how to treat your discography and reputation as a dancer at 55. (No this was not a dig at Madonna as I think all of her recent tours have been mostly wonderful).

    The new colour palate after years of black

    The decidedly more live vocal.

    The fact that it feels like a decent amount of work went into this, when she could just phone in an A* performance? It feels like more should be coming. And yes my clown hat it on.
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