Janet Jackson

If she can fuse that social awareness, her sexy side and the lost-in-the-music-i-love-to-dance stuff into a sharp and snappy album and can properly push the project she could have a hit on her hands. Her time is running out in terms of her re-establishing herself and it's a killer album and a proper worldwide (or at least UK/Europe/Japan/US) attempt could just do it.
Well the first thing Janet should do is finish her tour, surely?

Touring is the best way to strengthen your fanbase, re-establish yourself as a performer (as opposed to a Heat magazine celebrity whose weight gain and loss is more interesting than her art) and reach new people.

I know people take perez (he doesn't deserve a capital letter) as fact. But the facts were the Rock Witchu Tour while it lasted grossed really well, it wasn't a flop at all like the hysterical mania perez was spouting out everyday. God, someone needs to sedate him, he's like a spazzy witch hunter.

Personally, I'm not too bothered by Janet's commercial success... everyone was ringing the death bells after 20 YO, and then we got Discipline (one of my favourite Janet records/records in general).

She does need to go to a new, nicer, label though. I have said this 20000 times, but if a label can fuck up Janet and Mariah's most commercial but edgy records in years (ooh ooh) somethin ain't right! I see Jermaine quitting as a mark of solidarity with Janet though, but maybe I am reading into it too much.

By the way, I was so into the mohawk she was rocking on Rock Withcu! And, the whole Discipline era cyber-sex-styling. It was so eery and dark. Also, I love Kyoko.. I think she is real, I think it is the robot child Janet secretly gave birth to in the Feedback video.

God, I love the Feedback video. Can we have some love for the insane Wideboys remix of Feedback also? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07mKDQpO8FQ
I was never much ofa Janet fan before Discipline but she is an amazing performer/dancer, and there are some killer songs on the aforementioned album.

I'd recommend a Discipline/Blackout-style album next with far less ballads.
I always imagine Janet sitting down at her album-creating table and being utterly convinced that THIS is gonna be the one! THE dance album that the kids will love and make her popular again. Then she looks it over, starts feeling jittery and proclaims, "You know what this up-tempo groovefest needs??? SLOW SEX SONGS! And not good ones!" She likes to be ironic. I think it's all one big joke that we just don't get.


Janet keeps hyping new albums as "the new Control", but Rhythm Nation 1814 was her true masterpiece and until she captures that spirit again I don't think she's using her full potential.
I have so much love for Janet but haven't bought an album of hers in nearly 10 years. Her output has been pure shit. Someone of her pedigree and calibre should know better..
A twelve-track album along the lines of Blackout -- 11 dance songs and one GOOD ballad MAX. And when I say "good ballad" I don't mean Everytime or Never Letchu Go. I mean Got Til It's Gone or That's The Way Love Goes. If she HAS to have interludes, I can live with that as long as the songs themselves are GOOD.

But are there any music plans at the moment? Thought she decided to become a movie caterer or something.
I want Janet's Next Top Album to be something along the lines of The Velveteen Ropes, where she doesn't have embarrassing romps featuring try-hard interludes, but a whole album that is more sensual and emotional than it is sexual. The Velvet Rope is one of my favourite albums of all time. Since then I've only had passing interest in her singles and the albums have been sub-par, bar a few genuine highlights. "Asian persuasion" features very heavily in my vocabulary, for example.
"Discipline" has the potential to be such a succesful album if it had been promoted the right way. While "Feedback" was a brilliant first single i feel the record label just gave up on her after that as released. Which is truly sad as the album had SO many good songs. Ah well. And "Damita Jo" isn't as bad as people make it out to be.
Poor old Janet. She's stuck in this 1994 timewarp where R&B ballads and dance breakdowns are still hot. The thing about all her recent albums is that they throw up atleast one really good track, a couple of good R&B tinged pop songs, and the rest is oversexed rubbish.

Had Discipline been an EP that looked something like:

1. Feedback
2. Rollercoaster
3. So Much Betta
4. Rock Wit U

We would all be hailing the return of Janet. Sadly it was another epic slog from Ms. Jackson, with the very odd "talking computer" concept that hasn't been 'cool' since 1989, too many bloody pointless inteludes and a host of forgettable ballad crap.

i fear her best is now behind her. I don't see being able to stage a fantastic comeback after so many years of being a bit of a joke.
PlayBoy said:
"Asian persuasion" features very heavily in my vocabulary, for example.

Me too! And you can also have a "Malaysian persuasion" and "Eurasian persuasion"...

I don't really get the hate for all the sex songs, at the risk of opening a tirade of Popjustice RANTS, Moist isn't even that bad! I quite like all her sexy talking.. but, I guess the gays don't like it "Moist? What? I don't understand? Your pu-what?" etc.

I also agree with Damita Jo being underrated. Like, this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIdUwA6atTE will always be epic. This is sick...

And, while dance breakdowns might be totally early 2000s, the girl started them (and all the other girls are either still doing them- Pussycat Dolls- or should be doing them- Britney) so why can't she keep doing it!

And Daneeboy I know you didn't just diss Kyoko!!


I also like Damita Jo. I do think the sex songs became self-parody though. The stretch from 'When We Ooh' to 'Lame' on 'All For You' is EXCRUCIATING.
debord said:
I also like Damita Jo. I do think the sex songs became self-parody though. The stretch from 'When We Ooh' to 'Lame' on 'All For You' is EXCRUCIATING.

Do you not like When We Ooh? I also really loved all those "Island" songs on Damita Jo...

Also, surely Janet has won some sort of award for "The name's Janet, or Miss Jackson if yo nasty!"... it's totally her "It's Britney, Bitch."
watchamacallit said:
"Moist? What? I don't understand? Your pu-what?"

Purse? *tilts head*

I guess Im just plain nasty. 'Do It To Me' 'Get It Out Me' 'So Excited' 'This Body' at the risk of sounding like a Sugababe all push my buttons.