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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Ordon, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Remember when she was releasing a new song off that doc, an album and touring. Instead she's the US GC. Yes I'm mad.
  2. Better Days is gorgeous. One of her best ever closing songs
  3. No.
  4. She absolutely does. Just putting her b-sides and Japanese bonus tracks together would make a 10/10 album. And On and On, 70s Love Groove... The quality.
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  5. For real.
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  6. You Need Me came up on my playlist today. I hadn’t heard it in years and couldn’t tell you how it went before hearing it again today, but I loved how instantly I just knew it was a Rhythm Nation era song. The melody of it kind of reminded me of If as well.
  7. It's one of the very first songs written for the album, I've always found it very interesting in terms of sound - I wonder if the initial direction was a strong influence of new jack swing before they switched up the sound further.
  8. GC?
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  9. Listening to Janet's discography on shuffle this afternoon and having a moment with Trust a Try.

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  10. I wonder if there was some issue with the people she worked on new songs with, something legal, maybe wanting more publishing rights or money. It’s still very strange why the album was delayed or shelved along with her cryptic message about it. I wonder if she’s working with Jimmy and Terry again. It doesn’t look like she’s with Cinq anymore. Maybe something fell through with them and she was looking for a distribution deal. I wonder who the duet was with that insiders talked about around the time of “Made for Now”. She must be sitting on a ton of material. We’re heading into 8 years without a Janet album or 1 album from her in 14 (next year it’ll be 15) years.
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  11. Made for Now still slaps.
  12. Is anyone else irrationally annoyed at the badly pasted on Parental Advisory cover on the explicit version of All For You. I mean, it’s better than when the explicit version wasn’t available at all, but…

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  13. What's explicit in this song?
  14. 2014

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    That it's an absolutely f***ing jam?
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  15. I’m just talking about the cover. Up until maybe 2015, only the edited version of the All For You album was on digital/streaming. When they finally put up the explicit they clearly just found a stretched jpg of the PA logo and slapped it on.
  16. Oh! I just realised it's about the album as a whole, not Doesn't Really Matter specifically!

    But yes, it's a banger!
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  17. The what?
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  18. Almost 5 years on and yet still alas her most recent single. Come on Janet already...
  19. Every Time is finally on her official channel in good quality! Still a very underrated song in her catalogue.

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  20. Every Time is one of my favorites from Velvet Rope. I feel like it doesn't get enough appreciation:(
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