Janet Jackson

I’m listening to Rhythm Nation 1814 and am once again reminded of what a masterpiece it is…I feel like Janet’s work is slowly but surely getting more appreciated and recognised for its cultural importance, but it’s not enough. WHEN is she getting the recognition she deserves????
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The reason for the album delay is reportedly a legal thing going on with Cinq. They put the rights to all her old songs up for auction because she didn't fulfill her side of the agreement. She put up her back catalogue as collateral for the advance from Cinq and never delivered the album, thus, this mess:



I’m pretty sure she invested wisely and is still hugely wealthy. She had many huge albums in US and makes a fortune when she tours.

The issue with Cinq is likely to be due to her brother being her manager.
I don't think this is for like, day-to-day expenses but more like an advance she would normally get from a label to make an album if she wasn't independent, she just didn't deliver the actual album so they want their money back. But why didn't she make an album if there was a deal in place.
I'm not a lawyer so I could be talking out of my ass but when you take out a loan and put up your house for collateral, if you don't pay them in time they have a right to take away your house even if you try to settle. What I'm trying to say is that even if she offered to pay the money back, from the second she didn't keep up her end of the contract they could own the collateral.