Janet Jackson

I'm not sure if this is fan made so please do correct me and I'll delete this post.

I found this mix of Slo Love on YouTube with a slowed down mid section at 2min 30Sec.

I'm not a lawyer so I could be talking out of my ass but when you take out a loan and put up your house for collateral, if you don't pay them in time they have a right to take away your house even if you try to settle. What I'm trying to say is that even if she offered to pay the money back, from the second she didn't keep up her end of the contract they could own the collateral.
Is this type of deal the norm though? I’ve never heard of anyone putting up their back catalogue as collateral for an album (which started out as an EP). Did they offer her some multi-million dollar deal for a bunch of albums? I know Cinq is supposed to be this new type of all encompassing service. Maybe she had bigger plans with them? Cinq is label next to no one has heard of before. Did she put up her back catalogue or home for her BMG deal, too? Why do that for some deal with Cinq of all things? I’ve just never heard of people doing this before.
I hope she can get it back with the coin from the tour since a bunch of randos owing the rights to her catalogue sounds like a nightmare. If we can't get anything with Janet in charge, imagine some random millionaire owning her stuff. Let's Wait Awhile licensed for an abstinence PSA.

I mean, it's probably safer with some random than Janet and her brother, considering they let it get to this point in the first place. Sad.
I said it before but the writing was on the wall with that auction. Only a very small portion going to a charity and some very significant pieces being put up (letters from childhood, the key earring, an Aston Martin...) and now this? Isn't she also being sued at the moment by a management company?

I don't think she's gained millions from the divorce either, that probably dented her having lawyers fight a billionaire for sole custody. I have a feeling as part of it she has to be in London so he can have closer access, and we know that Westminster council tax ain't cheap either honey.

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