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I always imagined her Hot 100 stats would've mirrored Madonna had the Super Bowl not happened (who knows if 20 Y.O. and Discipline would've existed/materialized the way they did, but for the sake of my theory, let's say they did).

The first album they released in the 2000s gave them their last #1, Music and All For You, as well as an additional Top 5 with Don't Tell Me at #4 and Someone To Call My Lover at #3 (and coincidentally, both follow-ups peaked outside the Top 20, What It Feels Like For A Girl at #23 and Son Of A Gun at #28).

Madonna would end up having 4 more Top 10s with Die Another Day, Hung Up, 4 Minutes, and Give Me All Your Luvin'. So I always thought Janet could've had that with Just A Little While, All Nite, Call On Me, and Feedback, maybe even one more with I Want You. Which would put her Top 10 total at 31 or 32 (still short of Madonna's 38, but she would've surpassed her brother's 30).

I know it's lame to wish she had more Top 10s because the general public barely remember the 27 Top 10s she did end up getting, but it makes me so sad (as does everything related to her career now) that it didn't happen.
A stand-alone, meaning not on the actual album?
Yes, see I didn’t see the video until much later (I’d say probably early 2005) so I thought Damita Jo just came and went. Then I forgot about it until I was perusing the tracklist of Damita Jo.

I don’t know how I knew of “Just A Little While”, I think it was played on the radio or had a banner on iTunes (I distinctly remember seeing the single cover and having it until I downloaded “All Nite”) but I did.
All Nite is incredible but the lyrics are completely indecipherable for the average radio listener, so I’m not confident that even without the conspiracy against her, it wouldn’t have struggled.

R&B Junkie and Island Life sounded most like “hits” to me.
Stateside, I also had no idea that Just a Little While existed. I thought it went All Nite then nothing until Feedback honestly. 20 YO completely passed me by at the time.
All I could remember about 20 Y.O. was the Call on Me music video. I only listened to the full thing recently, as its reputation did it no favours.

Take Care is nice, but there’s some interesting production choices on that album.
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I don't see how if not for the Super Bowl Bopita Jo would not have a 5 singles run on the Top 10.

Just a Little While, All Nite, I Want You, R&B Junkie and Island Life have the bones of classic Janet but were (and still to this day are) modern enough to what was happening in 2004 and are better that anything on All for You (The only thing that is in the same league is the title track).