Janet Jackson

No tracklisting yet but...


It needs to be a 10-disc affair, though...
Wonder why they are doing a physical for this (not complaining) but skipped one for The Velvet Rope 25th?

Will be glad to hopefully have my fave And On And On available to stream. If they do this right, 70s Love Groove and One More Chance will be there as well.


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Not me literally coming in here to have a meltdown because nothing had been announced for the anniversary


I said it with The Velvet Rope/Discipline's deluxe editions where I know there are probably outtakes and remixes and things that we should be getting, but given the state of her affairs over the past 20 years, I will gladly take the morsels she decides to serve us. Honestly as long as we get the b-sides and the MC Lyte version of You Want This on streaming, then I'm good. And hopefully the 1993 VMAs audio is included!


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Out on July 7

The new edition will be available in a special 3LP vinyl configuration with tri gatefold, upgraded jacket, a booklet of rarely seen photos from the period of its release, and a third LP of seven bonus tracks. The 2CD edition comes in standard packaging with seven bonus tracks, and there will be a standard black 2LP version, while the album will also be available on all streaming platforms. The bonus tracks include “And On And On,” “70’s Love Groove,” “One More Chance,” and various alternate mixes from rare seven inch singles of the day.


Nn okay I know I just said I was fine with morsels but the 3 b-sides + 4 remixes is a bit stingy...? Couldn't they beef up the digital versions at least
We'll see once the tracklisting is out, but it doesn't sound all that different from the 2-disc book-bound version from 1993.

I'm inclined to agree that a huge multi-disc box set with all the remixes and maybe even some unreleased material would be preferable, but oh well I guess nn. I'd even settle for the janet. era singles getting the completionist treatment digitally like they did with Rhythm Nation