Janet Jackson

She did quite a bit of promo for Made for Now though. I think she's in a position to drop an album without much fanfare now if she wanted to. I think maybe the material doesn't feel quite right? She's been away for a while.
Janet knowing we still want Black Diamond

And not caring a damn about it

At least her social media is trying to highlight her legacy. That's the turn she needs, just like Mariah post-2016/2017.

The difference being that Mariah has always grasped any opportunity to discuss her craft and her legacy and her influence. She’s always been a workaholic too.

Janet tends to work only when she’s getting paid, basically! Which is commendable on a personal level (goals for us all) but leaves her legacy a little undervalued…

Separately, I guess that the whole Christmas thing gave Mariah an enhanced platform and visibility too, which made it easier to highlight her achievements to the casuals…
Does anyone hear skips and shit on the You Want This remix on Janet. Deluxe Edition? It sounds like there’s a processing error. I’m listening on Amazon Music.

I don't think she can be arsed with the promo an album brings.
She’s done tons of that. That’s not it. It’s probably Cinq. They may be the owners of what she recorded since she cost them millions. They were selling her back catalog as punishment to recoop the losses of her not delivering an album. She probably has nothing to release. She’ll have to start from scratch. It’s Unbreakable all over again. She shelved the album she was working on back in 2013 before teaming up with Terry and Jimmy again. She had been working with a whole team of people. Before that she had started work with Darkchild. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was selling her wares to pay off Cinq. She should have stuck with BMG. She’s got a kid. She lives in London. We were in the midst of a pandemic. The quality of what she recorded is anyone’s guess. I won’t be shocked to hear that she’s back with Jimmy and Terry recording a new album next year. Too bad there’s no history of Janet’s demos leaking.
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