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Janet So Excited (2nd single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ScOtty2oo6, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. Well the videos out on tv now and i think she may turn things around

    The single is the best shes had in a while , i wasnt feeling it that much but now i've seen the video i think it will be a hit.

    Her last single was just blahhh

    But her new single i think will make the top 10 easily if not top 5.

    Also i think a re-issue of the album is deffo needed to at least put it in the lower top 40.

    Do you guys think this is going to do well
  2. no! it will not do well. There is no melody and absolutely nothing to latch on to. The video is quite similiar to what I remember from 'all nite don't stop' which was just as littered with sexual whispers that don't sound good coming from the mouth of a 40 year old!

    It's devastatingly shit considering how good she was 5 years ago.
  3. I'm loving the album!
    It's great on shuffle, minus the interludes...
    Get it Out Me is far better than So Excited!
    Fantastic song! =]
  4. Get It Out Me is brilliant. Having seen the video on TV now I can't help but want So Excited to be a huge hit!!
  5. So Excited is much, much better than Call On Me... but I don't think it'll fair particularly well over here. It's not going to make it onto Radio 1, and it'll probably end up in the lower reaches of the top 20, just like her last 5 singles.

    Don't forget that the unofficial MTV 'ban' is still in effect (security guards removed people wearing Janet T-shirts from outside the TRL studios in New York last week). And, although the album did reasonably well in the US, it's not getting any pop radio promotion. Some people are claiming Virgin are to blame by not promoting it -- apparently because Janet's indicated she wants to leave the label when her contract expires after the 20YO tour. But that's probably just rumour and tittle-tattle. She's on tons of magazine covers and TV shows in the states, so I hardly think the PR department has been resting on their laurels. Fans are just looking for a convenient scapegoat at the minute.

    My favourite track on the album is still Enjoy. It just sounds like a classic Janet song. Unfortunately, I think the next single is With U - aka the one that sounds like Mariah.
  6. I'm really into this. Bumpin song with a great video (though I think the vanishing clothes tips the scales for me slightly...).
  7. I'm not getting this Janet ban that are MTV are doing? What is their problem? This is a huge time for R&B/Hip Hop music going mainstream and yet they've encouraged her. Have MTV made any comments about it?
    If Enjoy was a single, it would probably save the album.r
  8. I really like So Excited, although the video is pants.

    I think Janet is in a no win situation - her fan base seems to have splintered into those wanting an old skool dance diva and those wanting her to be some R'n'B diva.
  9. Miss Janet needs to step away from Jam & Lewis. She needs to find some new producers to work with to bring back some of that magic.

    The Vasquez mix of So Excited is so bloody brilliant and it should be released as the single version, instead of the lame generic R n B original version, cos no matter how hard I try, I can't hear a tune in it.

    Ps..Why have MTV banned her, is it still cos of that tit/nipple incident?
  10. The song is awful. I am not a big fan of Janet but I don't hate her either. So I can objective.

    I liked on Call On Me.

    But this song sucks. I don't know the technical 'musical' terms, but I hate the way it sticks to the same few notes on that bit. They are all close together, notewise.

    Does that make sense??

    The melody doesn't variate enough. Is that better?
  11. the video is janet doing what she does best. and looking good unlike call on me. however the song is missing something and afer listening to the album 'get it out me' seems a much better club track. just like 'enjoy' or 'with you' seemed better choices for a mid tempo single. just hope this single brings peoples attention to the album because its a good album.
  12. Yes the album might now re-enter the charts at Number.62 - Janet has fuc**d up big style with this album and is paying for it with poor sales.
  13. Well, when I first heard 'So Excited' I really wasnt excited but the more I listen to it the more I like it and the video definately helps! (Im a Gay so NOT in that sense!). I played So Excited to 2 mates yesterday who have become very indifferent about Janet but they liked it and when I played the video to them they loved it so Im thinking she can turn it around. I dont think the album will re-chart at a great position but Im hoping the single will at least.

    Also, why is no-one mentioning the greatness that is the track 'Show Me'?! I LOVE that song, especially her shouty/rappy bit, very old skool Janet! Can you B.A.C.K.I.T.U.P BOY!
  14. No I love that bit too, and the way the harmonies get blended in with it in the middle segment. brilliant.
  15. Yes!! Someone else appreciates it too!

    I think she NEEDS to release 'Show Me', she'd be a fool not to!

    I'd love to find out who it was that decided she should release the dishwater that was 'Call On Me'. That person needs their ears plunged and maybe they also need to be FIRED!!!!!!!
  16. I would kill to go to a club and hear the first 3 tracks from 20 Y.O. (not counting the opening interlude) played. It would be amazing.
    Re: Call On Me, I can't see anyone firing Jermaine Dupri anytime soon!
  17. *Shakes fist in the air*

    Damn that Mr Dupri!!!

    If she had released any of the first 3 tracks (excluding the stupid Intro!) then I believe everyone would be singing her praises a la Mariah Carey!
  18. I am pretty sure it is just me

    But the early start of 'So Excited' leading into the 'Breathe' is REALLY REALLY exciting! I wasnt keen at first but I really love this song!

    On clubs this might be HOT
  19. I like So Excited, but the mashup with that Namie song makes it much better.

    Get It Out Me is definitely my favourite - it's always needs a rewind. Sounds like a proper 'Jackson' song - but with current sounding beats.
  20. So Excited is growing on me, but not in the way that a hit single should. More in the way a commercial jingle might. An annoying way.
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