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I can't wait to make this rate my personality for the next few months. And thank you @nikkysan for letting me be the backup host, I'm honoured!

@nikkysan and I have similar journeys when it comes to Janet, where I didn't grow up with her music, but then I dove into her discography about five years ago and my life was completely transformed to say the least. She's become one of the most important artists of my life, even if I only discovered her a relatively short while ago. And as someone who loves pop music, it was a huge wakeup call to realize that so many things that I had credited to Madonna and especially Britney were actually Janet's doing (and I don't mean this in a stan-wars-y type of way in case this gets misconstrued - but it's no secret that many of Janet's contributions to music and pop culture have been either ignored or erased).

I listen to her all the time so I realistically could have this done in 24 hours, but I will gladly use this as an excuse to listen to everything from start to finish as @Coochi said. I'm already so excited (feat. Khia) for the results!
The real question is will this break the tradition of artists dropping new music in the middle of a rate?

I am very excited that I am getting the chance to participate in this rate. Unlike a few of you, Janet has been my favorite artist for 30 years now. Design of a Decade was the first cassette tape I ever purchased. The first time my mom let me say the word "Damn" was performing "If" in our living room for all my aunts and uncles at probably 7 years old ddd. She has inspired me for my entire life and there has never been an artist that has surpassed her for me.

After three failed attempts (COVID cancellations, "I've decided to start a family," amongst others), seeing her live last month for the first time was a religious experience that I felt like my entire life had been leading up to. So thank you @nikkysan (and @RainOnFire) for taking on the behemoth of a project. It's going to be such a joy celebrating these tunes with all of you.
Janet has been one of my absolute favorites since I was 12(!) years old. I remember begging my dad to get the 2-CD Number Ones/The Best compilation in 2009 after becoming obsessed with the Make Me video through my first solo explorations of Youtube. He finally caved and ordered it online. When I tell you I was in agony waiting for it to be delivered that week. I will never forget coming home from school, opening the package and putting the CD into our family stereo. Little did I know about the sheer impact of what I was about to hear would have on me when What Have You Done for Me Lately started playing. I have never looked back since then. Her music has been a source of inspiration, comfort and strength for a majority of my life now, a secret oasis in a world that can often be so discouraging.

Discovering The Velvet Rope as a teenager struggling with depression and anxiety was life changing, although it took until my adult life to properly start untangling the themes she's covering throughout the record, a journey that is still ongoing. As I'm sure many of you on here knows, healing is rarely linear. Beyond the personal, I also got my first taste of the societal through Janet's music, and how these perceived binaries constantly intersect in our day-to-day existence. Listening to songs like Rhythm Nation and New Agenda was eye-opening for a kid growing up in a small, very white town that never mentioned, let alone acknowledged, injustices in any form, be it locally or globally. She has soundtracked some of my highest highs and lowest lows and I am forever in awe of all her art has given to me and countless others. I would 100 percent not be the same person I am today were it not for that faithful afternoon I cranked up her greatest hits in our living room after school.
Oh, I am so tempted to do this. I fully admit I haven't paid as much attention to Janet post-The Velvet Rope but Control, Rhythm Nation 1814, janet. and The Velvet Rope are some of the greatest albums of all time so it wouldn't take long at all to score those songs.

And Control was the last album I bought on vinyl way back in 1986 because I was annoyed by skipping and crackles and pops, never imagining that vinyl would make such a huge comeback and that I, myself, would be seeking out The Velvet Rope on vinyl.

playlist downloaded, I hope I can get scores in on time but this will be the summer I listen to Queen Janet’s discography

The perfect time to listen to Janet! Along with Mariah Carey (and the Corrs…) she’s an artist that just is summer to me. I love chilling out, or walking in the sun, or cycling in the sun, or getting ready to party in the sun, listening to her. I mean something like this is an absolutely perfect summer playlist:

Someone To Call My Lover
When I Think Of You
All For You
Love Will Never Do (Without You)
Doesn’t Really Matter
Come On Get Up
Because Of Love
You Want This
The Best Things In Life Are Free
Just A Little While
RnB Junkie
Doesn’t Really Matter (Jonathan Peters Club Mix)
Feels So Right
Together Again

Absolute pop perfection ! All 10s (and an 11!)

On this note, All For You as an album I just can never get enough of during the summer months. As you might be able to tell from the number of tracks from it I mention above…

I know everyone talks about Control / Rhythm Nation/ janet. / The Velvet Rope as the imperial phase but there is a very real chance All For You will end up having my highest album average… (although Rhythm Nation will give it a good run for its money I’m sure)
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