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Janine - 99 (Album!)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Lost Boy, May 18, 2018.

  1. She's dropped two masterpieces in 2018 already.

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  2. No fans at all?

    There's an entire album!

    Very mellow, Jessie Ware-esque.
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  4. She sounds like Christina on Be By Myself!
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  5. ‘Believed In You’ is my favourite, superbop!

    It is kind of Xtina-esque in parts!
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  6. Especially on Too Late.
  7. I'll give this a listen later.
  8. I listened to her EP with Old Beside You a lot when Xtina was retired so I might give this a spin.
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  9. Christina wishes she had 'Said It All haha.
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  11. Glad to see y’all here enjoying it! The whole album is pretty great, especially the singles and ‘Believed In You’ is enormous.
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  13. OK this is suddenly becoming a huge album for me.
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  14. COME ALL. Not everyday you get a whole new album like this. It also reminds me of George Maple in places!
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  15. Too Late is the one.
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  17. Be By Myself, Too Late, Numb, Believed in You, and Get Through This Again are my favorites at the moment.

    The second half of the album is very good.
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  18. I actually added this to my library last night but haven't had the chance to listen yet.
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