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January 2020 PJ Charts: You're Not Half The Man You Think That You Are

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. If you liked the darker metal-rock stuff from Poppy, you’ll probably like this new Mitski song.

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  2. The Friday PJ chart is always a mixed bag for me but these two have blown my January chart apart.

    This is all over the place in the best classic Xenomania way. What is a chorus? What is a verse? Do I care? Oh let's just forget lyrics for the second half the song.

    I've always thought that I should be a much larger Pet Shop Boys fan that I am because of my 80s / synth obsession. As of 2020 and this dynamite track I stan.

    I already know both of these will be in my 2020 end of year chart.
  3. Why did no-one tell me Girl in Red had a song on that soundtrack album that also features Mitski and Soccer Mommy? It is good.

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  4. FYC for people who like fun, clever pop albums with hints of rap, rock and electronica (and also a general FYC to @Jeffo, who may or may not fall into this category):

    PJ00s winner and American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis has released his first album in six years.

    PJ chart top 40 smash Easy Way by Canadian R&B talent Deborah Cox now has a video.

    Seriousface love ballad of the month:

    Also, am I suddenly stanning the new Alanis single a month late? Maybe so.

  5. Any song on the Blake album as great as Heartbreak On Vinyl? I’ll put it right under Sylvie if so! :D
  6. I need to listen to it a few more times, but yeah, he’s still that good.
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  7. What a release week tho:

    Can you say Zebra?

    Josef living his best bisexual life in this cute video en cuter song:

    A Pointer Sisters cover by Tensnake? Yes please.

    And the soundtrack of my year:

  8. And these!

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  9. For some reason entering these ballots feel like a breeze compared to the Ultimate Countdown. Meaning, keep sending them in. The chart future's wide open.
  10. Voted and here is an important reminder:
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  11. [​IMG]
    I wanted to make a contribution baby
    I wanted to start a revolution with you
    I wanted to make a contribution baby
    I wanted to start a revolution with you
    After I waited so long to find you
    Why did I let myself run and hurt you?

    Actual footage of me dancing alone in my apartment last night
  12. I actually have so many songs to check out in the next four days since I’ve put new singles on tne back burner during this time of speadsheet battles.
  13. Synthpop enthusiasts, rejoice

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  14. Just checking we're all giving votes to Scandinavian alt-princesses Okay Kaya and Alice Boman? Yes? Yes.

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  15. We were 1 point away from getting Jolin on the singles chart last month! If you're a fan of LGBT-friendly Asian pop music, please consider adding Womxnly to your list:

  16. Shall I post another one? Yes I shall. Reol(solo, not the band)'s turn.
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