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Japanese Breakfast

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Andy French, Apr 10, 2016.

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    The album leaked the other week, by the way, it's lovely. Sit has a bit of heft to it but otherwise it's all bright and breezy, Paprika in particular is pretty instant.
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  2. I’m so pumped for midnight.
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  3. This album is The Shit and is an immediate 11/10. Very diverse. Lotsa synths!

    Thank you Michelle.
  4. I have started my initial first listen and Paprika already won me over. This is gonna be great
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  5. Paprika and Posing For Cars.

    No I don’t think you understand, I’m obsessed.
  6. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Posing in Bondage is an awesome track.
  7. Paprika and Be Sweet really start the album OFF.

    Im honestly obsessed with this era. Im going to need a lot more plays for this, but I love how adventurous and bouncy it is!
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  8. Her sensibilities are just so...eclectic? Like this is as bright and buoyant as I expected but there are also all these added flourishes that really bring the material to life: I was vibing to Slide Tackle and then that sax came in!

    This is immediately one of the year's best and I can't wait to spend every blisteringly hot day this summer blasting it.
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  9. I love when I download an album with absolutely no knowledge of the artist, and within 15 seconds of Track 1, I am already hooked. I’ve only listened to Paprika and damn, it’s magic.
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  10. Posing In Bondage may just be the song of the year.
  11. Excuse my double post, but whew at the outro of Posing for Cars.
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  12. Shout out to Michelle and Jack Tatum for transforming this into that.

    Going to the live show and having Posing For Cars close the set is... ugh, already getting caught up thinking about it.
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  13. This is just such a solid overall package. I think this is really gonna bring her to the next level.
  14. I needed


  15. Never paid much attention to her before, but this album is really nice. Posing In Bondage is a highlight for me, too.
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  16. Echoing a few of you: I haven't been able to move past "Paprika" yet!
  17. Absolutely love this. All of the strings were quite the surprise! She's so talented.
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  19. Also loving the surprise strings peppered throughout. A lot of this sounds borderline… uncool… maybe not the right word, but I adore it. It’s like obscure city pop morphed with The Cardigans & Camera Obscura.

    The run from Kokomo, IN to In Hell is pretty bulletproof for me.
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