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Japanese Breakfast

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Andy French, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. I love this album
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  2. Jubilee really does feel so earned after her first two albums. I took a walk over the weekend to the album and Kokomo, IN sounded absolutely magical in its wistfulness and longing.
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  3. This album keeps unfolding new layers of depth, meaning and beauty to me as the days go by and I hardly ever listen to anything else. What a triumph.

    Can I also just say, Posing For Cars is the Album Closer to end all album closers, ladies and gentlemen. These two verses in particular resonate a lot with me:

    Followed by that incredible guitar solo.

    Just ... wow.
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  4. Heard and bopped to 'Slide Tackle' playing at my local mall earlier today. Can you say GLOBAL?
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  5. Just popped in to say I'm really enjoying this record. Tactics in particular is sticking with me. Look forward to checking out their previous material.
  6. Even after a very competitive release week last week this is still the album to beat this year for me.
  7. This is definitely an album that opens up with repeated listens. It really is very good.
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  8. She's releasing a video game soundtrack next month.

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  9. Tactics is the most beautiful song.
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  10. I’m seeing Japanese Breakfast at the Grammy Museum in downtown LA in a few weeks and am incredibly excited. From all accounts, she (and her band) are wonderful live performers!
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  11. Almost finished reading, and it's devastating.

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  12. Saw her last night and happy to report the new album went AWF live. Posing In Bondage live was a moment. I'm so proud of her. For me this record feels like a hearty tribute to mid-to-late-'00s indie music, it feels refreshing and nostalgic at the same time.

    Future Grammy nominee shoe-in it is then!
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  13. She was amazing tonight - thoughtful and interesting Q&A (credit also goes to the interviewer, who I’ve seen before and always does a great job), followed by a reading of a chapter in her book(!), and then 4 acoustic songs - Kokomo, IN, Posing for Cars, Tactics, and Better The Mask. Michelle is truly a force of nature!
  14. Called it. Just got a signed copy of her book on eBay for cheap, too. And a live action adaptation of Crying In H Mart is also in the works. It really is her imperial phase.
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  15. Slide Tackle!!
  16. Ellen performance:

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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Whew she is booked - she's using the Grammy nom to great use. Jubilee was such a home run for her, I'm chuffed.
  18. *waits patiently for tickets to become available at her sold out Leeds show because I didn't know she was playing here*

    *cries when I can't see her*
  19. The UK dates have been rescheduled for October and I managed to get some London ones for normal prices just now. Have recently become obsessed with her and 'Be Sweet' after being on the sidelines for a while, can't get enough so super happy I managed to snatch up some tix.

    Oh also, currently reading 'Crying In H Mart' and it is beautiful, would really recommend.
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