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Japanese singer help!

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Shockbox, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. When I was in Japan, there was a song that was being constantly played everywhere and I've forgotten the name of the singer and the song.

    She was quite young, the music video was her singing on a rooftop. She was promoting it in late July 2011 and she was also in a bag advert.

    I know its not much to go on but it's doing my head in that I can't remember.
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    Damn. I consider myself to be one of the biggest J-Pop lovers on this forum and even I can't figure this out!

    Any details about what the song sounded like? Style of production, etc? Also you're sure it was a solo artist, not a group, right?

    Closest guess is Itano Tomomi's "Fui ni". Young. Released in July 2011. Has the handbag, but not the roof.

  3. Definately a solo singer. I remember seeing her on one of the Saturday night music shows and she was standing on her lonesome surrounded by Kara, AKB48 and a boyband
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    Neither KARA or AKB48 were promoting new singles in late July (both their last singles at that point were released in June) so I don't know if they'd have been on a music show at that time. Hmmm.

    Other female soloists promoting in July 2011, though none fit the description you gave, but maybe it was one of them:

    Namie Amuro (single release last week of July)
    Koda Kumi (single release second week of August)
    Miliyah Kato (album release first week of August)
    Meisa Kuroki (single release at the end of August, PV released in late July)
    moumoon (actually a band but she's the only singer in it, so it's easy to mess that up)
    Kaela Kimura (single release late July)

    Still no idea of what the song sounded like?
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  6. Definately wasn't her. That little girl was doing a lot of tv presenting then because I remember Kara performed for her and she was super excited.

    All I can say about the song is that it was a ballad. And the girl had long brown hair, probably between 14-18 aged.
  7. 3Xs


    Hmmm. A ballad. I'll need to do some more searching, but thanks, that helps narrow it down A LOT.

    Brown hair had me thinking YUI, but alas, she wasn't promoting then (and is 24, even though she could look younger).
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    Some more names I thought of.

    Kylee - 17 years old, long brown hair, was defintiely promoting in July 2011 with a new single, but not a ballad.

    alan - Brown haired ballad singer. Older than 18 but looks very young. Had a new single out in late June, maybe it was her.
  9. Wasn't any of them.

    As soon as I see them, I'll know.
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