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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Now that he's been featured "extensively" on the front page I thought this would be a good time to start a topic on him. If you haven't heard it already, "Our Own" is absolutely worth hearing. It won't knock you over backwards with its amazingness, but it will touch you slightly with how lovely it is.

    The new song also sounds great.
  2. I love 'So New'. I can barely find any of his songs anywhere other than his myspace. But thats okay because he's gorgeous.
  3. Yes, yes he is.
  4. His songs are good... But more importantly he's absolutely GORGEOUS.
  5. 'Our Now' is pop genius. I love the lyric: 'We like to think we're the only ones still awake'.
  6. Me and my best friend adored Frankmusik, and fancied the pants off him, I think Japayork is my new Frankmusik.
  7. Totally hes like a hot "sound of arrows" who themselves were super cute ... it helps that 'our now' is also a good little song. Colour me intrigued... especially popjustice saying hes a newish popstar? Im intrigued if hes not totally new what has he be doing in the past any production work? past boyband crimes? was he that boy in Billiam?
  8. He's definitely got something, in ever sense. Hope to see him a lot more since the few songs he has are all very nice.
  9. Has anyone else heard "So New" its like a dance sound of arrows with awesome production.
  10. I've had his few songs on repeat today. Hopefully he's got something new up his sleeve soon, cos I'm very excited now.

    Also, he's done at least one remix for Temposhark that I know of.
  11. Quite the fittie, isn't he? Based on the precisely two photos of him on the whole of the internet.
  12. Uh-oh.
  13. LOL as if ONE unflattering tagged facebook photo makes him ugly.
  14. Oh, I agree. (Perish the thought of people judging me on the basis of my (zillion) (horrifying) detagged photos...)
  15. I would rather die than that happen to me. Anyway. I enjoy thinking he's good looking. It makes me like his music more.
  16. Fingers crossed that he's gay/bi...
  17. I don't think he is. How disappointing. But then again, will it really make THAT much of a difference?
  18. That's very true.

    Well, at least he supports gay marriage on facebook.

    And then there's this from 2007:
  19. I need to meet him now. To reassure me he's good looking incase I loose interest. I think I would have lost interest in Frankmusik if he wasn't good looking.
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