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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Odd that there won't be a CD this time like the 2 previous Popjustice Hi-Fi releases. I got the impression that the 7" CD was going to be their standard format, now it seems there's only a 7" vinyl.
  2. Honestly, if I heard this in a club I wouldnt give it a second thought. Its very generic, though I see they thought they'd add in a nice squiggly synth throughout...shame it doesnt really make the song any less boring. His voice is also a bit dull with echoes of bloody Mika.

    Ah well, at least he'll have a year of fun before hes ditched.
  3. I'm getting a late 80s Kon Kan type of vibe from this song.

    This is VERY GOOD.
  4. Can't stop watching this!
  5. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I love it and so does everyone on my FB!
    I am doing MAJOR PJHF promo!
  6. pdf


    Ok, so is this a CD single in 7" style packaging, or an actual 7" single? Anyone know?
  7. It is an actual 7" vinyl record.
  8. ...and because of that, I haven't bought it. How very 'cool' and 'retro' to do a piece of vinyl... but will anyone actually play it? Nah.
  9. It is a shame, yes. "No one buys cd singles anymore, sadly", he told me in a chat on Facebook. His album will be "deluxe from day one" though, or words to that effect.
  10. Well, there's a promo CD of it so I'll probably buy one of those from somewhere. Japayork gets nothing!
  11. Does anyone have/know where I can listen to the version of Teenagers that was SOTD back in Feb? Sounded slightly different would love to hear.

    Also found out he had an old EP he put up for free download on his official site a couple of years ago called "6 Exposures To Light". Anyone have this?

    Would love to hear more of this guy!
  12. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Japayork is my new fave male popstar.
    Which brings the total of my fave male popstars ever to about...5?
  13. So, he's still at it, I thought we'd lost him. I saw him singing in Marques Toliver's band this week (who is A-MA-ZING, incidentally) and he's looking for 100k, to record an album I suppose.

    New website with some gigs to look forward to: http://japayork.tumblr.com/

    Pledge, includes a new song: http://www.mymajorcompany.co.uk/artists/japayork/videos/

    Oh hell, I've just rehashed an old article from the front page there, didn't I?

    He does need to pull a Cocknbullkid and de-East London himself if he's ever going to cross over. (I realise Cocknbullkid isn't exactly "crossing over", but hey. I mean to say he currently looks like a cliche of a Shoreditch cliche, which won't help.)
  14. Gee, he's moving to LA, no longer and Twitter and now calling himself Japa Nausea on Facebook.

    Ready For The Nausea on his website:


    I'm talking to myself here, I know.
  15. So is it Japayork, Japamusic or just Japa now? This is turning into Frankmusik part 2.

    Anyway I was still enjoying "Lydia" by Japayork but this "Ready For The Nausea" by Japa / Japamusic / whoever is a welcome diversion.

    I shall give repeated listens. More music please. A video featuring him again would help.

    Teenagers remains my favourite song of the year so far and being a song from 2010, that's rather telling....
  16. Add me to those still interested in Japawhatever. Sad things didn't take off for him but that's how these things happen sometimes. Stay with it, boy!
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