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Jax Jones - Snacks (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. Worthy of his own thread now? I think he's the best bop DJ/producer act going at the moment.

    He's putting out Breathe feat. New Sia Ina Wroldsen today. Issa bop.

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  2. I hope he properly gets more attention soon, I love his work.
  3. He's cute & all of his singles are amazing. Stan card laminated.
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  4. Let's get Breathe in the thread title?

    It's out and it's good. Not sure it's a hit. The last minute pops though.
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  5. He truly makes music for the gays. I think he liked one of my photos on instagram once.
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  6. A banger.
  7. Love the Dum Dum Dums, it invokes a certain early 2000's dance banger charm.
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  8. This has got to do well. Her voice was amazing on How Deep Is Your Love, it's amazing on this as well.
    That being said, I need a Jax Jones album. He has 3 songs coming, this being one, another with Selena.
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  9. I might be making this up, but I think he confirmed the Selena song was a fake.
  10. Breathe is owning my life on the daily. What a banger. It's flopped so far but is now #20 on itunes without a discount so hopefully it'll be a hit.
  11. Instruction was done dirty. It looked like it had so much potential since Demi was smashing with Sorry Not Sorry as well as having a big streaming hit with No Promises.
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  12. Instruction did alright, I thought, something like #13 during those Edaclypse weeks wasn't it?
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  13. It did reach 13 but only scraped Silver and hasn't been certified anywhere else. It didn't reach it's potential at all.
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  14. Weird - it seemed to be everywhere at the time. Breathe is even better so hopefully it'll smash.
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  15. ‘Breathe’ pops off, it’s like a streamlined ‘How Deep is Your Love’.
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  16. I still don't know how Instruction flopped. Seemed to be the perfect recipe for a hit.
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  17. Especially considering Demi had two hits at the same time + Stefflon has a lot of buzz around her
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  18. I thought it was huge?
  19. Instruction didn't flop, silver is not a flop, it's fine, let's all STOP SAYING FLOP
  20. Silver... in one bloody country! Sorry but this track deserved far better.
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