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Jax Jones - Snacks (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. Preferably with Gigi Hadid as the protagonist.
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  2. I actually never heard it before now but his pre-breakout single Yeah Yeah Yeah is a massive disco banger. What a fucking tune.

    Breathe up to #7.

  3. Lovely acoustic version of Breathe. This is honestly one of my favourite toplines from Ina.
  4. Time for a new single soon surely?

    In other news Jax Jones is delicious.

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  5. When do we get the song with Tove? I need it.
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  6. Ring Ring featuring Mabel & Rich The Kid confirmed as the next single.

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  7. STOKED.

    It already feels like a fucking age since Breathe. Which still bangs.
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  8. Where's the album, daddy? Banger after banger after banger and still no collection of songs?
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  9. I love the cover:
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  10. 'bout fucking time!

    He's doing a thing at Regent St Apple Store on Wednesday for any Londoners interested:

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  11. Not Mabel being represented as a calendar and bell emoji ddd

  12. First song on New Music Friday UK.
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  13. This really slaps. I love it.

    Not sure Rich the Kid's part adds much but it's definitely gonna be big. Jax Jones can do no wrong.
  14. I love his singles' aesthetic. It's so Andy Warhol.
  15. So the next single will be with Jess Glyne right? Ring Ring is still THAT bop.
  16. Is that confirmed? (the Jess Glynne collab)
  17. I’d actually be here for a Jess Glynne collaboration. I think her tone is amazing, and maybe Jax Jones can help her find her sassy side. (Watch it be his first slow song now...)
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  18. I'd be here for the Jess Glynne song. I truly think she's being locked for Clean Bandit's lead single for album 2 though, so I would not get my hopes up.
  19. I wonder when we'll get the Jess track? Hopefully before her album drops because that would mean inside 3 weeks.
  20. The Jess Glynne song sounded massive when he played it live so I’m perched.
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