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Jax Jones - Snacks (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. I can't believe they just shoehorned the play-doh box onto the EP cover nn
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  2. It's cute, but that plink plonk synth had me wishing the production was more garage house.
  3. Ring Ring is ridiculously good, totally single material. Sometimes songs just don't connect.
  4. I think I really love ‘Play’? Ollie sounds great on the production.
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  5. I mean Ring Ring got to #12 and is Silver so I think it did the job fine. Plus it's a massive BOP.

    I really like Play, it's more subtle than his other singles but I thought the same about Ring Ring and that's turned out to be my favourite.

    He's really one of my favourite producers at the moment. Knows his way round a melody, adds in some nice little flourishes to his productions and most of all knows how to throw a live show. (Saw him a couple of weeks ago and he was ridiculously good).

    I'm hoping that there's more songs will Olly (they spent a lot of time in the studio together from what I saw) and I really hope he does more with Mabel.
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  6. @Up Down Suite found bopping 1642 plays later. That post chorus is INFECTIOUS
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  7. Me with If You’re Boper Me.
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  8. I got tickets for his Roundhouse Gig, very excited to get my life to Play and Ring Ring.
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  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Ok but his artwork has been awesome!
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  10. Jax Jones is my weird crush. He's so cute. Play with me Dad.
  11. He's by far had the best artwork i've seen in a long time.
    It's great to see a producer actually play a part in a video rather than standing there looking moody. Looking at you Calvin.
  12. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    This has really grown on me but I still always want to go and listen to Movin' Too Fast every time I hear it.
  13. The video was so fun! I wish there was more of the Jax and Olly choreo, I was waiting for it after the Spotify video, but overall it looked like they all had fun on set which makes it fun for the viewer to watch!
  14. I'd kill for an extended mix or a dub mix.

    The beginning is so good!
  15. The video is so good. Whoever decided to bring all his single art to life on a supermarket conveyor belt is a fucking genius.

    And Jax is so delicious I almost can't bear it. I stan, I really do.
  16. Wonder if he's going to release an album next or just keep building on snacks?
    Can he not just get the song with Cheryl and make it a massive smash?
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  18. It’s 2019
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  19. If his previous hits have been 'snacks' then a song with Cheryl would be starvation.
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