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Jax Jones - Snacks (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. K94


    His branding is ridiculously good.
  2. His caption game is life

    uhhh yessss
  3. It sounds so good!

    Sounds like he's ready to take on Calvin.
  4. New collaborative project with Martin Solveig called Europa launches on Thursday with a song called All Day & Night (feat. Madison Beer):

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  5. Perched for this! He always delivers
  6. Stoked but I really hope he'll keep on solo too - he's already in max 2 singles per year territory so I really can't survive on even less.

    Kinda weird that he never released that huge Glynne banger.
  7. He's still got an album to release, he only released an EP thus far, unless he keeps adding to it.
  8. Oh yes, Jax Jones x Madison Beer is not something I would’ve thought of, but I’m hype.
  9. WELL his want list was obviously


    Madison is great and her Guetta track was the best of that trash album.
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  10. Imagine he gave Karen Harding another hit?
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  11. Sis, do you really think there's a Jax Jones album on the way? The "first single" was released 2.5 years ago...
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  12. Issa banger

    Like a ravier Breathe with a bit of Calvin's I'm Not Alone stirred in.
  13. Love it! Madison has such a good pop star voice, so girly and bright.
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  14. This song is basically a 2019 love letter to "Insomnia" and I am BOPPING.
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  15. Becky Hill and Hailee Steinfeld are among the co-writers. I wonder if they were originally featured on this?
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  16. It's fun as usual. It's been added to Snax on Spotify. Also this pic makes me feel impure thoughts. Grrr.

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  17. So bop.
  18. Obsessed. I love my Dad
  19. Looks like they’re in a gay sauna. Relatable queens.
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