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Jedward - Planet Jedward

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nate, May 28, 2010.

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  1. IotV

    IotV Guest

    They're utterly detestable. No talent whatsoever. I never really like the Song of the Day, with a few exceptions, but this is the worst ever.
  2. What a cheap video, must've cost 50p at most...
  3. If they got the right production team behind them I think they could be great pop stars. And they are genuinely great entertainers live. Unfortunately this song isn't good.... at all.
    Still love them though, they are far too pretty to dislike.
  4. "It was always really supposed to be a pop song, as Blink-182 sort of acknowledged in their video for the original song."

    What the hell? The Blink-182 version is a pop song, and a fantastic one at that. The Jedward version is hopeless karaoke; the kind of cheap pointlessness that Eoghan Quigg did so well. My faith in Popjustice is well and truly shaken!
  5. I'm offended by the Song of the Day write-up's suggestion that the recording by Blink-182 was not a pop record.
  6. Blink 182 were a classic pop-punk band. This song is a disgrace. Jedward are a disgrace.
  7. That video just endeared Jedward to me sooo much. Come on, it has a Britney reference = automatically amazing.
  8. the worst thing about this album apart from all of it is ghostbusters, that horrible ' savvvveeeee me edward' has me cringing in my seat.
  9. The video for this is brilliant! To me Louis is putting all his effort in to these and as a massive fan of two of his other acts I was really beginning to resent Jedward, but their videos just crack me up.
  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Well, the video isn't amazing, but for the kind of act they are I think it's a pretty decent one.
  11. Vile.
    Completely and utterly vile.
  12. The album just leaked, and even has a bonus track of Walk This Way. This is too much good information!
  13. "Teenage Kicks" is awful.
  14. Little bastards.
  15. I'm actually gonna give this a listen as I imagine it will sound like 45 minutes of a brakeless Toyota crashing into parked cars over and over. If I close my eyes and concentrate maybe I'll get a Cabaret Voltaire feeling....or not.
  16. Is it bad I like there songs?
  17. Alright, just as I predicted. A demolition derby soundtracked by what sounds like their live voices from X Factor. If the studio can make Katie Price sound listenable, why couldn't it have done the same for them......Maybe that's what they're going for though as people seemed to enjoy out of breath, out of tune, out of sync vocals to begin with. Just came across as Frank Chickens for 2010 to me.......(now watch it sell shitloads and prove me wrong).
  18. RJF


    I want to work this into my every day life, but I don't think I'll ever have the opportunity.
  19. Buy an I-pod, download this album, listen to it every day, and dodge the audio crashes....that should do it.......and stay off the sidewalk....ha ha
  20. My favorite track is Rock DJ. As I picture them naked whilst singing.
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