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Jeffo presents PJ Retro 46: The Popjustice Retro Song Contest That Is Definitely Not PJOPS, OK?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Jeffo, May 12, 2019.

  1. [​IMG]

    Hey, hi, hello. Remember that time I won the final edition of PJOPS?

    No, I don’t either, because you insisted on awarding the gold medal to some Vanessa Gold impersonator instead. But the joke’s on you because after they turned down the hosting gig, you’re still stuck with me as the first host of the new (kinda) and improved (hopefully) continuation of PJOPS: PJ Retro, the Popjustice Retro Song Contest.

    Yes, it is she, it is me, Jeffo, your PJOPS 45 Almost Winner™ and inaugural PJ Retro host. I’m so glad you followed the advice of my Almost Winning™ song and waited for me to begin this new round. Let’s discover something greater as we go on a journey of underappreciated songs from before the year 2000 while I wait for the Mandela Effect to retroactively make me the PJOPS 45 winner.

    How this all works
    So here’s the deal: for the most part, this version of The Contest Formerly Known as PJOPS will act the same as PJOPS did. You submit a song, the veto panel reviews your submission, and you light your prayer candles in hopes that it passes. Then you listen to all of the other entries and put together a Eurovision-style ballot ranking the 10 songs you think most deserve recognition with point values as follows:

    12 points (your favorite song goes here)
    10 points
    8 points
    7 points
    6 points
    5 points
    4 points
    3 points
    2 points
    1 point (your least favorite song of your top 10 goes here)​

    You cannot vote for your own entry, you don’t know who submitted the other songs, and only those who have entered a song may submit a ballot. I’ll reveal the ballots one by one at the end, and whoever accrues the most points wins the round, the envy of their peers, and a promotional deal with Tesco. Simple as that.

    What’s changed is the veto criteria. Well, kind of -- the veto criteria for the most part feels the same, but after much discussion behind the scenes for the past two rounds, the veto panel has itemized everything in a way that we hope is more transparent and user-friendly for those participating.

    Criteria that will absolutely result in a veto
    • Song was originally released after December 31, 1999
    • Song was already entered in a previous round of any of the PJ song contests
    • Song peaked within the top 10 on the UK or US singles chart
    • Song is a cover of or contains a prominent sample of a UK or US top 10 hit OR was covered/prominently sampled in a song that was a UK or US top 10 hit
    • Act has over 30 pages of discussion on the forum
    • Act was entered in the previous round
    • This includes any related solo or group acts to an act that was entered in the previous round (ex. Gwen Stefani and No Doubt, in an alternate universe where either of them could actually pass the veto criteria)
    Criteria that will also be taken in consideration for veto purposes
    • Song is from an album that peaked in the top 10 on the UK or US albums chart
    • Song is from a Platinum- or Gold-certified album in the UK or US
    • Song peaked between #11 and #20 on the UK or US singles chart
    • Song was a major hit in other big music markets (France, Germany, Japan, etc) and/or in multiple countries
    • Song is by an act who had major success in the UK or US
    • Act has been entered multiple times in this contest​

    To be clear, if you all think something here isn’t quite working, we can discuss and make adjustments in later rounds. The biggest hurdle here was just getting some of these things written out and formalized in the first place, because that was a bit lacking before. The hope is that this set of criteria can make it easier to be consistent in veto decisions moving forward.

    Another thing: I think the general consensus among participants was to keep the potential for round themes as determined by the host, which would also play a part in the veto process. However, since this is a new beginning of sorts, I have decided to make this a themeless round. Submit whatever old shit you please, as long as it fits within the standard veto criteria listed above.

    You have until Wednesday, May 22 at 11:59 pm BST (6:59 pm US EDT) to submit your entry to me via PM.
  2. And finally, a post reserved for the song that got me to where I am right now

  3. Amazing.

    I stan this round already.
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  4. I'm ready! (to get vetoed and/or flop)
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  5. God, I almost reached out for my tablet to submit via a google form when I realised I can just PM @Jeffo instead! The @imaduck takeover of the other Contests was just too real! Ddddd
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  6. Me trying to figure out which #11-20 flops might pass veto:

  7. Yes I've tried that, too. I've already come up with a few names. Wanna know?

    But in the end I've submitted the song I've been thinking of submitting for ages but it just didn't fit any of the themes.

    Thank you @Jeffo for a themeless round!
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  8. Submitted and feeling really confident about my potential entry (like I do every time before listening to other entries and/or seeing the results).
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  9. I submitted a song close to my heart, but now seeing what's allowed - maybe I should change it to a more obvious banger that marginally missed Top 10....
  10. Submitted! Pretty sure my song sold about eight copies worldwide, so I don't think I'm in danger of a veto.
  11. Hmmm so the major difference is you may be able to enter a song that peaked between number 11-20 on the UK/US singles chart, and you may not be able to enter one that is from a UK/US top 10 or gold (or higher) certified album.

    Does Australia count as a 'big' other market? I have entered some songs that entered the Australian top 20 singles chart... though I'm guessing that probably doesn't count as a 'major' hit, though one of them was certified gold (our gold is only 35k, and not even equivalent to the UK's silver for singles, when adjusting for the population difference). They also weren't hits in other countries, other than one charting in New Zealand too.

    The previously entered multiple times... is once before too many? What about twice?

    Yay for the themeless round!
  12. @Jeffo still using the 1989 font? Amazing.

    @Jeffo winning (shhh) with a Slaylor Dayne song? Amazing. A Slaylor Dayne song that featured in my 1989 rate, itself a spin-off of his 1989 rate? Doubly amazing.
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  13. Be brave. I have with this one. I want people to hear my flop faves! Not some near top 10 miss.
  14. In the case of commercial success for the parent album, that would've been considered before from my best understanding. It just wasn't explicitly stated or maybe even qualified in that particular way. Other markets outside of the US and UK were also considered before, but I think it was only used to veto songs that were, like, huge songs that refused to leave. @soratami would be able to answer that one better.

    The multiple times criterion is mostly there for extreme cases so I doubt it will see much use. For instance, Dalida has been entered four times in the last 15 rounds, which feels like a bit much to me.

    Unfortunately, some of these things are contextual. It's just how it is when it comes to the veto process. That's why things have been ordered in two lists: the things that will absolutely get your submission vetoed, and the things that will cause the panel to take a harder look at your submission.
  15. LIES upon LIES upon LIES!!!

    Even 15 out of 15 wouldn't have been enough Ddddd

    Which reminds me - should I do all the eliminations for her songs in my Spotlight Rate as one giant post to avoid going over the 30 page limit OR should I do each song justice???


    I'll decide while I cry into my dinner later...
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  16. Sis, I've been using the same Fresh Marker font in all of the times I've hosted a song contest because I don't feel like going through the process of selecting other fonts we stan brand consistency in this house.



    Of course, you'll recognize that other visual element from the 1989 rate in the PJ00s 11 logo. It made sense because I was doing a pop quiz with stills from various music videos and the original plan was to frame all of the stills in the Polaroid frame until I realized that all of the stills had wildly different aspect ratios.

    I know you won't, but you're always welcome to participate in this round if you'd like!
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