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Jeffo presents PJ Retro 46: The Popjustice Retro Song Contest That's Definitely Not PJOPS, OK?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Jeffo, May 12, 2019.

  1. The 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack back again.
  2. Oh?
  3. I see there's a US #19 single there. Contentious! Granted, the act did not go on to have other major success.
  4. Giving you iconic* comebacks since May 14, 2019.

    *(to be confirmed)
  5. @Jeffo I can work on a Spotify playlist in a few minutes once I get back in front of a computer.

    (PJ Retro demands that a Spotify playlist be done on at least a laptop computer, I assume?)
  6. I believe you can either find a mail-in form in the back of Billboard or call a toll-free number.
  7. Thank you, as I’m out of Columbia House spots until June.
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  8. But what you should do is burn all the songs on CDs and mail a copy to each participant.
  9. Remember when @rawkey actually offered this as a prize in round 31... and then realised how difficult it was to find HQ versions of all the songs?
  10. That reminds me of how one time I won a DVD from a forum game in another music forum.
  11. Interesting list made slightly more interesting by the inclusion of an artist I stanned on here when I first joined in 2003.

    Dead cert for my 12!
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  12. I almost submitted French too but it was Male Vocals so went for something else so as to not completely take myself out of the race here... I recognise names but not necessarily songs - making the Listen potentially interesting!

    Also - I was unaware that Miss Zeta Jones had a pop career in her past life!
  13. The veto panel was caught by surprise too! She might be well known, but her short lived music career seems to have completely gone under the radar.
  14. Her AllMusic biography is...something:

    Arriving in 1995 in predictable ‘I’ve always loved singing’ press interview schlock, and with a stunningly out of date grunge image with para boots and fishnets, this well-known television star (principally of Darling Buds Of May fame) turned singer was received by critics with the sort of welcome usually afforded nettles in a nudist colony.
  15. This is such a cute idea though!!
  16. So, Spotify. This round really would benefit from personally mailed CDs as I couldn't find almost a quarter of them on there.

    This playlist should have 26 25 songs in it--please turn off "hide unplayable tracks" to make sure you identify ones not available in your region etc. etc.

    Songs Not Found On The Spotify Playlist
    Bridgette Wilson - Gimme a Kiss
    Toni Pearen - In Your Room // Alternate Link
    Laura Hunter - Work Me Down
    Ruby Turner - Paradise
    Morcheeba - Trigger Hippie
    Emily Haines - Pretty Head
    Catherine Zeta-Jones - In the Arms of Love
    Ioni - Sentence of Love
    Mary Kiani - I Imagine [Motiv8 Mix]

    Also please note that on the playlist
    Hard Corps - Je Suis Passée
    is an album version, not the shorter length version in the included video.
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  18. If I was a country that would be its national anthem!!
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