Jeffo presents PJ00s 8: a Jeffo production, starring Jeffo


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What does that actually mean? Is that finishing work or a picking up euphemism?
It's a running joke with him and @Mina. (It's a medical reference.)

So many rounds.
rounds rounds
baby rounds rounds
do your rounds on me
Thank you @Mina! I won't have you take more notes on your rounds!
Hey y’all it’s time to do your rounds
@berserkboi lmk when u wanna do rounds
With 11 ballots received so far, here are some Fun Facts™ to tease you with:

- There are three people in the top 10 who have never placed in the top 10 before in a previous round.

Yes, well, I did make a conscious decision to ease up on my usual "educational" policy and actually enter a bop (and a smash) - just so's I'll be forever able to dismiss all "perennial loser" ridicule by referring to this round's evidence that "sure, I can be top ten if I bother to choose to".

(Now watch my song fall to 11th or 12th... Ouch!)
Ladies and gentlemen!

I am your host for the Tiny @Jeffo 's Awards This Round!!

I shall remind you of what they all are!!

The Tiny Crown
The award given each round to the participant whose entry earned the fewest points.
(No Votes Necessarily For This One, Leader-board Will Speak For Itself)

The Tiny Boot
An award given to the unfortunate soul whose entry attempts were vetoed the most times by the Totally-Out-to-Get-You Veto Panel.
(@Jeffo may need to nominate this one, although if you want to campaign for yourself, feel free to)

The Voter Awards:

The Tiny Violin
A highly prestigious honour bestowed upon the participant who complains the most about not winning, or not losing, properly.
(I will be campaigning for mine in this, even if the winner so join me and @Robsolete here!)

The Tiny Fist
An honour given to the participant whose entry of choice was stolen by another participant who feels the most slighted by this.
(So Far, Only @Oleander has made mention of an artist being taken from their list with spite, so get your spite game on and compete!)

The Tiny Poptart
The award given to the most poptastic entry of the round.
(Go For Your Life with this one, I have an entry in mind to enter here!)

The Tiny Vinyl Record
The prize bestowed upon the most indie entry of the round. Comes with a complimentary pass to join the PJ Indiejustice clique.
(Sounds like this is gonna be open since both @Russron and @unnameable confirmed they are aiming more towards the PopTarts award!!)

The Tiny Claw
The honour bestowed upon the most angsty entry of the round.
(Oh My! Another @Robsolete classic! Until a new challenger appears!)

The Tiny Disco Ball
The award given to the entry that best exemplifies dance music.
(The @DJHazey and @iheartpoptarts corner to promote their Eurodance Rate, I am sure!)

Let's Have A Berserking Good Time



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Reminder: if any of the following people win this round, they will have completed the Triple Crown by winning all three song contests at least once. (The first round that they won in each contest is listed against their name in brackets.)

@2014 (PJOPS 28, PJSC 53)
@Hudweiser (PJOPS 1, PJSC 50)
@imaduck (PJSC 1, PJOPS 5)
@iheartpoptarts (PJSC 37, PJOPS 34)
@KamikazeHeart (PJOPS 7, PJSC 31)
@Sprockrooster (PJOPS 23, PJSC 51)
@WowWowWowWow (PJOPS 2, PJSC 27)