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Jem and the Holograms - Youngblood

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Steveytodd, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. So the Jem movie based on the 80's cartoon is out in October and there's lots of bashing going on about how awful it looks BUT they are starting to release clips of the new music and despite the title being nicked from Sophie, the main theme song 'Youngblood' is quite the ear worm;

    Full soundtrack coming out in September and Aubrey Peebles (Nashville) is the actor and singer playing this re-imagined Jem.

    I'm partly excited, partly upset they aren't using the original songs, though as I say, this one sounds promising...
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  2. My issue with this entire project is that the film and music seem to have zero affiliation with the original Jem outside of the title. Granted, this is the only song they've released a clip of thus far, but it sounds like something Hailee Steinfeld passed on for her debut.

    I will still be seeing the film and listening to the remainder of the soundtrack out of curiosity, but at this point, all I can think is, "Josie & The Pussycats would never!"
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  3. Ray


    They better not ruin "Truly Outrageous". I haven't seen Jem & The Holograms since it was originally played and I was like 10, but "Truly Outrageous" is STILL stuck in my head.
  4. This is awful for a 'Jem' song. Everything about this project seems awful unfortunately, what a wasted opportunity.
  5. The Mistfits had the better songs:

    Speaking of which, apparently Kesha is playing Pizzazz in the movie. This whole thing is indeed such a wasted opportunity.
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  6. They took the wrong approach with Jem. It should have been campy, fun, and frothy, with lots of pink and a knowing wink to the audience. They should have went the route that Josie and the Pussycats took, which updated the characters for the modern age but was funny and clever. It still had a message (which this film is desperate to send out) but with a bit of satire.
  7. If you're a fan of the original Jem cartoon, you wont like the film. That's not what it's about. It's about taking the basic elements and making something new for a new generation. Kids today aren't going to want cassette tapes, synth-pop and 80s fashions. They have to make it contemporary to get the thing financed. No one would pour money into a nostalgia fest that would tank with it's target audience. It has to be relatable with talent show TV, modern technology and current fashion, which are all the things everyone hates about the trailer. It would be just as awful if they attempted a direct transfer from the cartoon to live action, like they did with The Tick.
  8. I'm so ready for this movie.
  9. If this is the case, then what is the point of naming it Jem and The Holograms if there is absolutely no intention of reintroducing the next generation to what Jem was in the past? The problem with studios is the fact they feel the need to invest their money into a franchise that should have just been left in the past. To label this generic teen bop angst of a band 'strugglin', should have just been called, "White girl can't catch a break".
  10. The original writer from the cartoon series Christy Marx has been speaking at this weeks #JemCon - yes there is an annual Jem Con!

    She says it's ok if you can look at it as a re-imaging and updating of the original characters, but in interviews is clearly put out that her idea of bringing a more true to the original movie version to the big screen wasn't given the green light by Hasbro.

    Seems silly not to tap into a cult hit with a pretty large fan base after all these years and do a film that both updates and keeps the looks and feel of the original - also there were some pretty catchy tunes in there - for example;

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  11. Ballad from the recent I Heart Radio concert;

  12. Preach!..thats very true every single part from music and these younger looking girls don't even look like them
    i am sick of people ruining a good concept for amore unaffective concept call it girls call it me and the band but don't call it JEM.
  13. I will admit, though, that I love Aubrey Peeples. I watch Nashville and she has a great voice.
  14. For those confused, the script was written and music was already demo'ed under the project title 'Famous'. They just bought the Jem rights to springboard off the audience.
  15. Sort of depressing, but makes a lot of sense.
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