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Jennifer Lopez - A.K.A.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Demon Panda, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. Demon Panda

    Demon Panda Guest

    Red One is the Executive Producer of it! Yay!
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  2. Re: J.Lo - 8th Album

    If only he said it was everything about her, then I would be excited.
  3. Re: J.Lo - 8th Album

    I don't want Jennifer Lopez, I want J-to-tha-LO hello! Fingers crossed.
  4. Re: J.Lo - 8th Album

    Oh this should be interesti--

  5. Re: J.Lo - 8th Album

    She needs to go down her 'On The 6' and 'JLO' route. I loved LOVE? but that's not Jenny from the Block.
  6. SilverSurfer

    SilverSurfer Guest

    Re: J.Lo - 8th Album

    This vile woman needs to disappear. She literally has one good song in her entire discography.
  7. Re: J.Lo - 8th Album

    Louboutins ?
  8. Re: J.Lo - 8th Album

    GET OUT! Are you serious?
  9. Re: J.Lo - 8th Album

    As much as I may roll my eyes at the RedOne tag, am I here for something as good as 'On The Floor' or, to a lesser extent, 'Papi'? Yes. Yes, I am.
  10. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: J.Lo - 8th Album

    I'm afraid it'll be more Dance/Love Again than Papi and On The Floor.
  11. Re: J.Lo - 8th Album

    I like On the Floor, Papi, and Dance Again. So that's cool. Just because he's executive producing doesn't mean he's producing every song on the album.

    As for Urban J.Lo- she probably needs to stay in the early 00's. She wouldn't get radio play now.
  12. Demon Panda

    Demon Panda Guest

    Re: J.Lo - 8th Album

    Could do alright as urban singles/album tracks (instead of filler).
  13. Re: J.Lo - 8th Album

    J.Lo was at her best when she was Jenny From The Block. She stayed grounded as the amounts rolled in etc. 'Bennifer' as also one of my fave Hollywood couples, but thats besies the point. Her Hip-hop influenced songs were so much better than these cheap Euro-pop thing she's been doing. I fear J.Lo thinks, if she puts out a record that isn't in line with the trends, she'll flop again.
  14. Re: J.Lo - 8th Album

    She's probably right. I mean she flops with songs that are on trend so...
  15. Re: J.Lo - 8th Album

    LOVE? was such a good album and she had got the balance between dance music and fun perfected with 'On The Floor' and 'Papi', but the releases from the Greatest Hits were absolutely dire. Hmm..
  16. Re: J.Lo - 8th Album

    I disagree, J.Lo was very successful when she was going through her urban edged phase. I wouldn't expect her to go back to something like 'Im Real' remix. However, something like 'Get Right' or 'Loving You' would be perfect.
  17. Re: J.Lo - 8th Album

    I'm just hoping she got better writers for this. So many songs on LOVE? are let down by very cringy lyrics.
  18. Re: J.Lo - 8th Album

    LOVE? was her best album, so I accept this new decision with open arms.
  19. Re: J.Lo - 8th Album

    I agree that Love? was her best album. I'm happy she's releasing another one.
  20. Re: J.Lo - 8th Album

    I can't really see RedOne produce something like her 'J.Lo' album. It had all that he described with urban, hip-hop and Latin influences.
    But here's hope that she'll release another Ain't It Funny (...and Hypnotico).
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