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Jennifer Lopez - A.K.A.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Demon Panda, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. The whole "Greatest Hits" thing was just a mess. The covers, the fonts, the tracklist, everything... shame.
  2. BML


    It's still the only J. Lo album I've ever bought. I remember my 11 year old self covering the parental advisory notice with a black sharpie and it ending up looking like Jennifer was pleasuring herself in that bottom right still and my mom thinking THAT was what I was covering up, making it all worse.
  3. Crying!

    Yep it was like a NOW album except it was all JLo (well not all).
  4. Not including 'Play' was ridiculous but I'm sure I read it wasn't a hit in the US or something g which is why isn't wasn't on the final track Listing?

    I recall many people being excited at the thought of a JLo GH and then what we ended up with was so disappointing. Still, at least her tour was cracking!
  5. the most disappointing greatest hits album ever.

    should have been jam packed with 18-20 tracks max
  6. She really did have the worst Greatest Hits ever. It was all set up to be huge but they just completely messed the tracklisting up. I am not the biggest fan of Play but it should have made it along with I'm Gonna Be Alright. I'm Gonna Be Alright has always been pretty much ignored from her career, I don't think she's ever even performed it.

    I would say Let's Get Loud is one of her signature songs though. She always performs it live and it's just one of those songs that you hear about, whether on shows like Strictly to even being used in Family Guy. It might not have charted particularly well but it is a massive hit.
  7. This Is Me...Then is definitely her best album. Every song on it is good or better. Her top 5 for me are:

    1. This Is Me...Then
    2. On The 6
    3. The Remixes
    4. A.K.A
    5. Brave

    Rebirth is her worst album. A.K.A is actually full of really decent songs, it should've done a lot better. Some of the worst stuff got released as singles.
  8. It was big in the US they just didn't want to licence too many tracks I think?
  9. Well it was released on Epic so the only ones they needed to licence were the Defjam ones, so On The Floor and I'm Into You.

    In terms of albums for me it goes:
    This Is Me...Then
    J to Tha L-O!
    On The Six
  10. What about her spanish album? Definitely one of her best.
  11. I'm on the 'This Is Me...Then' boat too. A body of work with an overarching sound, and one that felt genuinely fresh at the time. Her voice is lovely on that album and there are some great, personal songs (even the treacly and unfortunately titled 'Dear Ben'). 'Love?' and 'J.Lo' are the other keepers. I wish 'Rebirth' had been more consistent; it falls apart towards the end, but the influence of Prince and James Brown on cuts like 'Cherry Pie' and 'Whatever You Wanna Do' was inspired. Wish she'd committed to that sound for more of the disc.

  12. J.Lo
    This Is Me...Then
    On the 6
  13. [​IMG]

    She usually looks flawless, but this is a complete ME$$.
  14. She's presenting at the Oscars tomorrow so hopefully she turns it out. It'll probably be tight, sparkly, and show skin but thats what I like to see her in, so I don't care that she's predictable.
  15. Yes, I'd place it as her most iconic release. Still a good listen. I particularly love the Murder Inc. mixes, such a great guilty pleasure (and I don't care who's singing!)
  16. I like the sound of the song, so i hope it becomes a single.

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  17. You just linked to a place to illegally download music, so I'd remove that if I were you.
  18. I removed it now Phew!!!
  19. I would love to just incubate between Jennifer Lopez's breasts for a whole day.
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