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Jennifer Lopez - A.K.A.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Demon Panda, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. Imagine a duet between the too, oh my.
  2. Just add Shakira and we have the 3 best female entertainers of our times.
  3. If it was 2001.
  4. Jennifer Lopez - Feel The Light (Official Lyric Video) | HOME

  5. It's a cute song.
  6. Hmmm that video makes me want to see the movie.
  7. [h=1]Jennifer Lopez: "Feel the Light" - AMERICAN IDOL XIV[/h]
  8. OK Jenny, I feel you.
  9. I didn't know Feel the Light was written by Keisza and Stargate. Is there any chance this was intended for Rihanna at first?

    I don't know if this has been discussed already. She looks great there, by the way. As always. She has a pact with the devil.
  10. That dress and her vocals are pretty much everything I need from a popstar. Why oh why can't this gal get a bop to bring her back into relevency?
  11. She is amazing.
  12. She's incredible I just love her voice.
  13. I think all the songs were intended for Rihanna, but then she didn't record them all for whatever reason. Kiesza previously said she was surprised at the song they'd taken from her for her album, and I'd wager this was it. It's pretty weak.
  14. Fantastic performance on AI and it sounded better than the studio version. Her vocals were great and the light effects on the dress blew me away.

    Years ago when Mariah had that feud with her, I never thought Lopez would end up being the better singer and performer but these days, she clearly is.
  15. I would tell you to try again but that would produce insignificant results.

    Jennifer has certainly learned new things with her voice, but even she would never try to outsing Mariah even in her current state. The reach to troll was admirable, I suppose.
  16. Such a beautiful performance. The staging, styling and her vocals were all so on point. It was also so nice to hear her singing properly live and absolutely smashing it. I really like the song as well. Of course it's not a massive worldwide smash but it's a nice soundtrack single, I'm eagerly awaiting news that she's recording for album number 11.
  17. There's not many pop stars who you watch over the years and see them improve like this vocally. She really is a good singer now.
  18. All the songs on the Home EP were intended for Rihanna.

    Anyway - that performance was great, her vocals have improved.
  19. RIhanna wouldn't be able to sing that as well as J.Lo so I am glad they changed their mind and gave songs to other people.
  20. wow i never liked her voice in ballads but she's improved so much, that was beautiful!
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