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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dinno, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. I really wish there was a version of the song that had the Papi breakdown bit in it cause it is so good.
  2. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The run of island-pop/steel-drum songs was quite a thing, even with quality being at varying levels.
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  3. Didn't know this existed, it bops! Also, the music video for "Fresh Out The Oven" is pure art.
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  4. RMK


    Slightly off topic, but Karen being the A&R responsible for not only Glory, but Memoirs, E=MC2, Emancipation, Loud, Talk That Talk, and Channel Orange?
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  5. I rewatched it this morning for the first time in ages because of this thread, and like...the way it loops multiple scenes was kind of ahead of its time? It reminded me of a Spotify visual
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  6. I read about it just the other week, that it was intentional to create hypnotic effect. And it bloody works, I couldn't tear my eyes off of it.
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  7. You say you want the cookie, you gonna have to wait for the cookie,
    No touchy touchy, only looky looky,


    A lyric.
  8. Do people become an icon for anything other than cash?
  9. Love? really is a solid bops collection. I think it's the closest she has to a good album nn.

    Finding out that I'm Into You/Papi & the album didn't do that well (at least in the US) was jarring because it felt like she was inescapable that year. That performance she did where she dragged a Fiat 500 on stage lkdfsjnsrzkmldksf.
  10. "I'm Into You" flopping was unwarranted and unfortunate.
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  11. My friends and I played the fuck out of all these songs back in the day.
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  12. Live It Up has 257 million views on YouTube. How did this song not become as big as On the Floor and why was it not on any album?
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  13. Ouch. I personally think LOVE? and J.Lo are her best albums and much better than just 'good'.
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  14. Listening to On The 6 in full for the first time in AGES and I forgot how ballad heavy it was. That being said there are some lovely songs there. Talk About Us, Promise Me You'll Try and Could This Be Love? are divine.
    Oh and her cover of Theme From Mahogany.
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  15. I remember paying full price for this on CD and being so angry that only If You Had My Love and Waiting For Tonight were worth my time... I almost started hammering Feelin’ So Good (despite it being a complete non-entity) to try and salvage some value...

    And I never again invested in a full album from her. Petty me.
  16. Poor Let's Get Loud and Baila. Two top tier Jenny bangers.

    My shuffle has reminded me of What Is Love? Pt.2. Queen of doing remixes where she changes the whole song.
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  17. Yeah, the debut is quite ballad/mid-tempo heavy. With that said, I've always really loved 'Open Off My Love', 'It's Not That Serious' and 'Too Late'. They had those Whitney/Toni Braxton 90's feels.
  18. They had, just JLo didn't have the Whitney/Toni Braxton 90's vox.

  19. Pristine bops
  20. 100% accurate...
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