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Jennifer Lopez - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Agree, far too much.
  2. Leave something for me and my imagination.
  3. Would have liked that cover for the Maluma songs. With him.
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  4. Why?


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  5. Yeesh, y'all prudes.
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  6. I don’t know something just seems off with the pose.. Like I said she looks incredible and it’s a great picture but I don’t particularly like it as a single cover, that’s just my personal opinion
  7. Iconic, especially for that fucking ROCK she has on her finger. Looking flawless, ageless, rich and unbothered.
  8. The cover is incredible - not understanding the modesty police; the Mel C thread is elsewhere - but these clips don't give me a single glimmer of hope.
  9. It is a stunt but the good sis needs to get people to listen to her music somehow.
  10. She looks great but she should've arched her back a lil bit more, she looks like one of those MMA fighters / fitness people with that pose dd
  11. That is such an incredible picture.
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  12. I do think she should've started releasing music a bit sooner after the Super Bowl or Hustlers? The hype around her seems to have died down a bit.
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  13. Really, why? Is it bad to look like that? Could that maybe even been the intention? To look like a strong independent woman, ready to go in?
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  14. People being weird over her being naked are doing far too much and being weird themselves.

    With that said, she is emulating the exact same pose I make when I've eaten too much lactose and am woken up by my stomach at 3:32 AM and slowly have to walk out of bed to the bathroom, trying to control my gut while feeling my lower intestines slowly burst from within.

    It's serving constipation. Which... relatable, yes, but meh.
  15. Guys. She's naked because she's selling a make up and beauty line. It's not more complicated than that.
  16. This thread is so YIKES
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  17. Apparently it has nothing to do with Marry me she recorded it 2 weeks ago.

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  18. I don’t have have an issue with her being naked. She does looks fantastic and is definitely giving a strong independent fierce vibe. Honestly who wouldn’t want to look like and have the confidence to do that at her age!

    As someone said on a previous page I think this would have work better as like a full high profile magazine spread rather than just a single cover.
  19. If this was a hot man (as someone mentioned Maluma), you girlies would be all for it.

    Let's not shame/criticise women for what they choose to do and show with their bodies.
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  20. I literally said she looks great, it's called an opinion.
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