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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. She looks amazing in that picture but I dunno it's giving me more arty magazine spread than single cover. But hey she's getting people to talk about the song so she won.
  2. Why can't a single cover be high art and have such a striking image? It's not like there's going to be an album to house this song so we'll be living with it for a while.

    She looks bloody fantastic. Strong, sensual and radiant. It's been brought up already but this whole clutching of the pearls over it wouldn't exist if it were a man doing it. Weird.
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  3. You said she looks great but what she should've done because like this she looks like that. Which strongly implies she shouldn't look like that. The 'one of those' and the 'dd' also kind of gives away you think that's not a look for JLo for whatever reason.

    Which is basically just you telling someone to not look a specific way, in that case liked a very trained woman. Which may be an opinion but a questionable one.
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  4. So I showed the cover to my Mum, who in general is not a fan of Jenny, and she loved it. She and Jen are a similar age and so she appreciated seeing a fellow woman in her 50's being so confident in her own skin. Of course my Mum wishes she could have Jen's body (me as a man wishes I had those curves and muscles) but either way, Jen earned my Mum's respect for it.
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  5. was more of a comment on the pose, not her physique. It's just a rather awkward and rigid pose TO ME, which I don't think was her intention. I also don't think commenting on her pose is THAT questionable, if at all, as the comparison to women fighters was meant as a compliment anyways. Didn't know a simple "dd" had that much implications behind it, and I used "one of those" because i wasn't sure of the official terminologies as a gay person. I wouldn't have said she looks great if I didn't actually think so, somehow you managed to miss that "implication" in your analysis of my word choices.
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  6. Song is up now on all streaming platforms, except oddly not on her official YouTube but here's the livestream she done with the song on.

    Would be good to get a steamy video to this, but I feel like it will be forgotten about by next week.
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  7. It's catchy and enjoyable.
  8. To me this is her best release in ages! Catchy, not too trend chasing and super melodic.
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  9. It’s fine. Reminds me a bit of Body Say and songs coming out around that time. It is one of the better songs she’s put out in recent years, but I don’t see myself revisiting it much.
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  10. This is actually pretty great!
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  11. The JLo comeback single that I’ve always dreamt of.
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  12. It's quite nice actually. I can't believe AKA was her last proper full length. Not that there's a demand of a JLo album but it would be nice to have had a collection of songs released all at once with some sort of theme, even if it was an EP.

    I'm kinda mad she killed her musical momentum after Super Bowl, they should've put out a project out straight after.
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  13. I like this more than I’ve liked any of her latest releases. It is a shame she didn’t push music after the super bowl but hopefully this does well and leads to an album or an ep.
  14. I kind of love this. In terms of her "recent" English singles it's better than Medicine, the Maluma collabs and Us, but Limitless remains unbothered.

    Her Spanish singles have been much better. I really wish she hadn't shelved the Spanish album because Ni Tú Ni Yo is such a stellar track. Lord knows how many incarnations later El Anillo and Amor Amor Amor came but they were also epic.
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  15. Yea shelving the Spanish album was dumb. They couldn't have been expecting miracles numbers wise and wasn't El Anillo a decent sized hit for her in the markets they would have wanted it to be?
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  16. El Anillo and Ni Tú Ni Yo did reasonably well for her so it wouldn't have hurt to just release the damn album, especially when she was performing other tracks from it that we likely will never hear in studio form.
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  17. It's a cute enough track, but as expected, it's incredibly generic and dated. As much as I actually enjoy it - moreso than most of her recent releases - it sounds exactly like a 2014 A.K.A. castoff.
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  18. Which is impressive considering the song literally didn't exist 3 weeks ago nn
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  19. In The Morning is good - I think the comparisons to A.K.A. are slightly untrue in that this feels less inconsequential than the majority of that album did ff
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  20. Being a fan of Jenny is so frustrating sometimes. Especially with her music. She has about 3 albums worth of material ready yet keeps hold of it. She received so much good will (and actual awards buzz and nominations) for Hustlers but no song to go with it or album drop. She did nothing to coincide with Superbowl either. That was the best time to drop an album or even an EP.

    I adore how much she loves working and doesn't shy away from it, but more often than not she juggles so many different projects that she can't give any of them the full attention they need. If she just focussed on the music she could get herself a reasonably successful era, nothing huge but decent enough.
    Same with her acting. She is MORE than capable of delivering a strong performance and did it in Hustlers. But she needs to pour her all into it rather than fitting in a few weeks to go in, do the bare minimum then move on to something else.
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