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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Completely agree with all of this. Jack of all trades, master of none at times.
  2. I really wish she would just relinquish all her input into the music, hire a great A&R and let them package how her music should sound. Her input and artistry in her own music seems to be the issue for me. That's why she's ideal for a major label who control what the output is. She's an iconic business woman and she really should think of herself that way in music but she tries to play the musician role and it always ends up in subpar material.
  3. This is actually her best song in a long, long time. BOP.
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  4. Oh, this new song is great. Those melodies are gorgeous.

    I think she’d make more of a great businesswoman, which is more in tune with her jack of all trades skillset. She should maybe try producing behind the scenes eventually because she’s a master at networking.
  5. Some of her recent songs might be shit (if we're being real ft. Ja Rule) but someone with her performance ability and screen/stage presence should never be working behind the scenes.
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    In The Morning is nice! When was the last time a song by her actually felt like a J.Lo song?? Papi?? She does need go outside the box but the single cover...............whew good for her x
  7. I guess it totally depends on what you think a J.Lo song should sound like, and I think that's the problem. There's such inconsistency with her sound.

    That being said, In the Morning is a bop and once again no one will care because she's 50+ and no radio or streaming service will playlist her.
  8. I Luh Ya Papi was the last song, for me, that really felt like J.Lo (that video too..!) First Love was great but wasn't ''her''. I'd argue Ain't Your Mama was more J.Lo than First Love too. This new track though really feels like something they should build on and use as a template for an album.
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  9. I like it but am I the only one that hears Genie In A Bottle a little in the chorus? Maybe that’s intentional but I’ve not seen it mentioned anywhere. It’s a nice song but really not much more than that.
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  10. In The Morning is her best song since Mama, a real bop!
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    ALSO seeing the track title I was hoping it was a cover of this - she'd stomp.

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  12. I really hope she has another song or eight like this lush midtempo up her sleeve. I always thought her voice sounds better when she sings in Spanish?
    The drums in this and her voice...*chefs kiss*
  13. She's featured on a Christmas song by Stevie Mackey:

  14. That's pretty decent. She sounds pretty lovely.
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  15. Phew catching up on the last few pages and the single cover does bother me because
    it's a reminder of how out of shape I am. Mama truly does like utterly snatched.

    The song is cute but it definitely would have sat comfortably on AKA.
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  16. Maybe because we'd actually like to listen to the song in public without people thinking we're looking at porn? Don't kid yourself, there's nothing "arty" about the cover.

    I think she could've maybe got away with this earlier in her career but at this stage and without a proper hit for years it does come across as rather... desperate. I do like the song though. One of her better recent efforts.
  17. My Arts Degree and I humbly disagree.
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  18. Once again though, she's got her fingers in all these pies... There's a single, she's featured on the Christmas song, there's a new movie, there's the skincare line now... It would be nice just to have her focus on music and for it come across like she's really invested in it. I get the impression she gets bored very quickly of doing any one thing.
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  19. I -
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