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Jennifer Lopez - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. *Jay-Z has left the chat*
  2. Latest says they deny breaking up and are ''working things out'' so who knows...
  3. Yeah, before they reported the split, I would always randomly read on their Insta stories really dodgy tidbits about him. I'm not surprised but I'm still quite sad as they seemed fit for eachother.
  4. So I’ve just seen on YouTube that Jlo has a song out with Flo Rida called Sweet Spot. It was on their from 31st March but I see no buzz for it. It’s only had 80k views?
  5. It’s a song from 2013 and the video leaked for it this year
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  6. Well, they’ve officially split now.
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  7. Now all we need is another One Love or Can't Believe This Is Me. I want some fiery Latina breakup anthem Jenny.
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  8. I'm not happy they've split as that's headache for her, but she defo deserved better than him.

    Anyway, I'm going to need those UK/EU tour dates for 2022 immediately. It will help us all heal.
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  9. Well that was rather pointless.
  10. Do the 2022 dates actually exist?
  11. I honestly have no idea, but they say if you speak things into existence they will happen so this is my opportunity! Also I recall an IG live last year she said a world tour was in the works so fingers crossed it does happen!
  12. What was? Her 2 year relationship? Or them dying down the rumours only to confirm them a week or so later? Hopefully you mean the latter.
  13. The latter obviously this isn’t TMZ.
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  14. Gigli 2.0 is coming!
  15. Aw. Would be kinda cute if they reunited. They clearly had a lot of love there.
  16. It really wouldn't. She is better off without him. As is Jen Garner.
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  17. Bennifer 2.0 has MESS written all over it.

    They would make such a hot couple tbh!
  18. I'm all for her broadening her musical horizons but these covers she keeps choosing....are not it.

    She does look gorgeous tho, no denying that.

  19. The new Miley.
    Garbage men, covers, flops. We stan!
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